Saturday, April 21, 2012

Operations G.M.A.I.S. - Day 4, I haven't updated the last few days and I have a really good excuse. I've been trying NOT to eat my computer! Lord I've been so hungry the last few days, but I know that it's all for good reason! Operation G.M.A.I.S. is 4 days in and I'm actually feeling pretty good. Oh, I suppose you'd like to know what that means. Get My Ass In Shape! :)

So over the last few days while Michael has been at work I've been busy in the yard prepping the spot in our backyard that is going to become our garden area! Now let me tell you, it's been a TON of work! I've been ripping up sod, and leveling dirt and then putting up a brick wall. This wall is needed because we are going to have about 6 inches of garden mulch brought in so we need something to hold it all back! Plus I wanted to create an area around the gate for it to open up into. So let me share with you the before and almost there pictures. (Almost there because there isn't any dirt in there yet! HA HA)

South side of the yard...before

The brick retaining wall

The arch way for the gate to open up into

Let me tell you, ripping up sod and leveling the ground and buying/hauling/placing these bricks was a TON of work! And it might have been 10 times easier if I had something more than veggies in my gut! But I digress. There is one thing I have to say about manual labor, as much as it's great when you are able to see the end result!

Today while I was out in the yard I heard our door bell ring, and much to my surprise the mail man delivered the Insanity Workout Plan that I ordered earlier this week! I immediately began to sweat, then I opened up the box and began to peruse the booklet that came with it. I have to admit that I am actually quite excited because of the potential there is for me to not only feel good but to G.M.A.I.S.!!!

Well I'd better get going I need to do some cleaning in the house before Michael gets home. For dinner tonight I'm having a yummy salad with tons of veggies and chick peas. For Michael I'm preparing a New York Strip Steak with potatoes and grilled squash. **sigh** Not too much longer and I'll be eating real food again! To be honest I feel pretty good today, not really having any cravings and the cadbury cream eggs on my counter are no longer taunting me! :) 5 more days  to go!!!!

Oh, I finally took some pictures of our magnolia tree we planted outside of my kitchen window! :)

The blossom on the right was the first to open after we planted it!

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  1. Step one in Operation G.M.A.I.S....give me back my egg!