Sunday, May 13, 2012

Busy day...with a side of ignorance.

Yesterday proved to be a busy, busy day! And even on the nicest of days there's always a chance that you run into someone who makes you lose faith in your fellow man. But I will get to that later in the post...but for now...lets take a walk through the day of this REAL Housewife.

I was up at 6 AM with Michael yesterday as he got ready and left for work. And shortly after that I was off to do some work of my own. Before Michael left for work I had him help me move the sofa out of the family room so I could shampoo the rug. The area right in front of the couch is such a high traffic area and coupled with the fact that the carpet is a cream color...well that makes for a dirty rug! So at 6:30 in the morning I vacuumed and then shampooed the rug! :) I never would have been able to do that in the condo because our damn neighbor would have been pounding on the wall. I don't miss him, let me tell you!!!

After that I showered, and then went outside to feed the boys, and then watered the garden and flowers in the back yard. The weather has been so gorgeous here the last few days that it's hard to NOT want to be outside as much as possible. We've really turned our backyard into some what of an oasis that is a joy to be in...even if it takes work and time to keep it looking like it does!

After my morning chores I packed up the carpet cleaner...that I've had for months ha ha ha...and headed for Poulsbo to spend some quality time with my sister! :) I love going over there and getting out of the car and my nephews running across the yard to give me a big hug! But that joy ends the second they say..."Where's Uncle Mike?" Because I feel like chopped liver! LOLOL Darn kids, so cute but man they love their Uncle Mike! My sister and brother in law have been on a mission to fix up their yard over the past year. My brother in law built a huge sister calls it a "two cow garage" since it looks like a big barn! And they've built several large rock retaining walls creating garden spaces and flowerbed spaces as well. Their yard has made a big transformation over the past year, and it's always great going over there and seeing the progress!

After saying bye to the kids, my sister and I made our way to the farmer's markets on Bainbridge Island and in Poulsbo. I've really gotten to love the farmer's markets in the area lately. I never took advantage of them when I lived on Capital Hill...but since I moved to Mukilteo and now Edmonds I really enjoy them, the produce is great and it's always great seeing all the gorgeous flowers and all the yummy, yummy treats! :) So we made our way through the two markets and luckily I didn't find anything to spend money on! HA HA HA!

So after our few hours of the markets and walking through downtown Poulsbo, we made our way back to the house and I said my good byes and headed to the ferry. While there I got out to walk around for a bit since I had some time to kill before the 3:40 ferry took off. On my way back to the car I was approached by a guy. I always hate this time of the year when it comes close to an election because there are people approaching you to sign this or that or whatever else. I didn't even like it when I was accosted on Capital Hill by the PETA people or the like trying to get me to save animals or children or the trees across the street. It stinks when you can't even walk down the street without being bothered. But I digress...LOL.

Now where was I? Oh yes...the guy at the ferry. He walked up to me and asked if I was a registered voter, to which I answered yes. He then asked if I'd sign his petition...I took a peek at the top and it said across the page "Preserve Marriage." I asked him to explain what it was that he wanted me to which he answered, "Well the governor signed a bill that legalized gay marriage. We are trying to get Referendum 74 on the ballot this fall so everyone can vote on whether or not this law should be put into effect or not." I smiled at him, flashed my wedding band...and said, "Well, I'm actually a gay man, and I'm a registered domestic partner. I'm happy as a clam with the bill they passed, so I won't be signing that." He looked at me, not really having expected me to say what I did, and he said, "Well I thank you for your time. Have a great rest of your day."

I smiled as I got into my car, but then I realized there were so many other things I could have said to him. Things I wanted to say, like, I don't think that it should be up to anyone whether or not I'm able to marry the person I love! No matter if they are a man or a woman! But as I sat there thinking about it I realized that I said the right thing, I didn't need to say any more than that, because if I had I might have come across as some crazy gay! ;-) While I was sitting there I watched him as he made his way from car to car...some people signing it and others saying no thanks to him. When he reached the car next to me I craned my neck so I could see and hear what the lady was saying. She was older, I'd guess in her 70s, and she asked him, "So what is it that you are saying you believe?" And he told her that he didn't believe in gay marriage and wanted to get this on the ballot so people could vote it down. To which she responded, "Oh no...I won't be signing that thing."

It took everything I had not to get out of the car and walk over and give that woman a hug. After watching and hearing what that woman said I smiled and realized that even the older generation is coming around and realizing that it isn't really any one's business if gays or anyone else is happy or married or anything else for that matter! Michael and I talked about this last night, and it just amazes both of us how this has become a religious matter...even though this country is all about the separation of church and state. I feel like that has become a joke! I'm about to start the Church of Gay, that way we can claim religious persecution! ;-)

Well I need to get off my soapbox. I'm happy that I told the guy I was gay and married...and I'm even happier that the lady next to me made him explain himself and then she even shot him down. Whoever you are, ma'am...Thank you!

Well today is going to be a busy day, I need to run and get some things for the yard and then come home and continue working on my chicken coop. Michael was surprised at the size of the coop so I think we are going to call it the Taj Machicken :) These hens are going to be living in style, and they better damn well lay some tasty eggs!! :)

Oh...and mom...if you are reading this...Happy Mother's Day! I love you!!!!

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