Monday, December 8, 2014

Mustard and Relaxation - France Vacation -- Day 8

Bonjour, mes amis! Today was our one day of down time in Paris between our trip to the Loire and our trip tomorrow to Normandy. And I think that we took full advantage of this day in many ways!

This morning we woke up around 7 AM, but I laid in bed until around 8:30...I won't felt wonderful. The past week we've definitely been on the go each day with early mornings and late nights. I think that the lack of sleep finally caught up with me, and it showed today!

After finally rolling out of bed I went down to the convenience store and the boulangerie...came back up to our flat and made us a fried egg and some other things for breakfast. I was looking for orange juice this morning and they only had clementine juice. Let me tell is much better tasting than regular orange juice! And because I'm writing about it...I think I need another glass! Ha! It's got a nice bold flavor.

After breakfast I finished uploading yesterday's blog...okay, okay...I typed yesterday's blog! **hangs head** I usually am able to keep up with the blog, but the lack of good WiFi at the castle made it hard two nights ago so that put me a day behind. But now I'm caught back up...hopefully our upcoming trip will have some more reliable WiFi...but I don't know.

While I was writing the blog, Michael was working on getting our trip to Normandy all set up. I'm excited for what's to come ahead! Just like before I'm going to leave you all hanging just a little bit on what we have planned, and I think you are going to like where we are staying. And again, it's the off season, and last minute booking so we were able to get a smoking deal on our suite! :)

After I finished blogging, and Michael finished booking our trip, we decided to make our way out into the city. We planned on trying to go to the top of the Tour Eiffel, but due to the weather they had the top deck closed. I took a few pictures of the Tour Eiffel and we continued on to the next thing we had planned. We made our way across the Seine to the area near the Palais Garnier, where we saw the opera last week. We made our way to the Maile store. The last time we came to Paris, Michael's sister gave us a crock that she and her husband purchased there when they came for their honeymoon. When you buy a crock of the mustard, you can use it up, then clean it and bring it back to have it refilled. Well, that time it was closed, as was everything else in France that trip. :) But luckily for us it was open today! And Michael's sister told us it was such a fun place to go. How can a mustard store be fun, you ask? Well my friends...let me tell you! ;-)

Okay so in the store they have little tiny breadsticks, I'm sure they have a name lol, and you can try several of their mustards. Some are wonderful...and some don't really suit our tastes. But that being said we killed about 30 minutes in there looking around, tasting and figuring out what we were going to buy. I won't lie, we spent an obscene amount in there, considering it was a mustard store! LOL. But we bought ourselves somethings as well as some gifts for other people. So it was all worth it!

After our stint in Maile, we decided to cross back over the Seine, or under in our case, and grab lunch before heading to the MonoPrix (grocery) and back to our flat. We were going to eat at this crêperie, but we didn't see anything on there that truly caught our eye. So we went to a place on the corner. We had a grumpy waiter, Monsieur Grumpy Pants. I ordered a Croque Madame, and he brought me a Croque Monsieur. Normally I would have been like, "Oh well...I'll just eat this it'll be good." But because of his grumpiness I went up to someone and said that this wasn't what I ordered. A few minutes later they brought my same plate back with an over easy egg just slapped on top of the croque monsieur. The whites weren't quite set, so it resembled snot...but I wasn't about to send it back a second time because I knew that they would just spit on it even more! LOL

After we ate our lunch, we went to the MonoPrix to get wine and laundry detergent...great combination, no? :) And then it was time to head home. After returning Michael was playing a game on his computer while I caught up on messages. And then I decided to take a little nap. Well, this little nap turned into 5 1/2 hours! We woke up at around 9:30 realizing we missed dinner time. LOL Paris closes early! So what did I do? What any housewife would do, that's what!

I threw together a meal for us. We each had a fried egg on our plate with sliced baguette. And to go with that, Michael had stinky cheeses and smoked salmon. I had a mixture of salami and smoked bacon. Yum! And of course we had the wine that we bought earlier in the day. As we were eating Michael said, "For missing dinner out, we sure are feasting here at home!" I smiled knowing that pulling dinner out of the air is what I do. :)

**Sidenote** As I'm sitting here typing this blog, the Tour Eiffel is no longer lit up throughout, but the twinkling lights are going right now. It's AMAZING! I will NEVER tire of this view! **end sidenote**

Well I should head to bed. Our train leaves tomorrow morning at 7 AM from Montparnasse. I'm looking forward to this trip, and I look forward to your feedback on it as well! I hope that you all have a wonderful day! And remember to check out my RHOSC FaceBook Page (Click Here), the RHOSC Instagram (Click Here) and don't forget to leave me comments here on what you think!

Until next time...Keep Cookin'!


  1. Hi Brian...glad that you guys had time to rest! Sounds like an early morning tomorrow...looking forward to hearing about your Normandy adventure! Have fun!

  2. It would not be a trip to Paris without at least one encounter with Monsieur Grumpy Pants. :) Sounds like a lovely relaxing day. I'll add the mustard shop to our places to visit next time! Can't wait for the Normandy adventure! Allez Allez!