Saturday, February 21, 2015

What's Your Secret?

Secrets...they can be large, small, harmless or hurtful...and we all have them. Today I'm going to confess a few things to you...some of them I'm not proud of...while others, I guess you do what you have to do.  But don't get me wrong, not all secrets are horrible, deep and dark. They come in all shapes and sizes.

The secrets I'm talking about aren't the deep, dark, harmful secrets. I'm talking about the day to day ones that we as housewives, stay at home parents or just people in general have. I know your brain is working right now, trying to think about what yours are, huh!

Well recently I was busted on not just one, but two of my secrets. We all know that Michael works outside of the home, while I get to stay home and take care of the farm, the animals and the house. And we all know that there are days where life is so busy that we don't get a chance to do even the smallest of tasks. This is the challenge we all face...not enough time in the day.

Secret Number 1:

Picture it...Sicily, 1915. Just kidding...that's Sophia...not me!

Picture's 6 PM, I've just gotten a text from Michael saying he's on his way home from work. Most people would be like...YAY! My spouse is coming home! What goes through my head? "SHIT! I didn't clean the kitchen, I have last night's dishes still on the stove and counter...I'll never have enough time. So what do I do?

That's right...I hide dirty dishes in the oven. This works wonderfully unless your husband says for dinner he wants something that requires the use of the oven. Then you have to wait until he leaves the room and then you frantically move things from the oven into the pantry as quietly as you can! 

I know that this isn't something I should be proud of, because as a of my biggest duties is to keep the house clean...and that includes the dishes. But come on...when the weather is nice, I need to be outside building things and doing the outdoor things before the rains come back, right!? I thought you'd agree.

Secret Number 2:

We had Michael's parents over for Superbowl Sunday, it was such a fun day! I made a bunch of finger foods and Michael's mom brought a DELICIOUS hot spinach and artichoke dip! I wish it were Superbowl Sunday EVERY Sunday! :) Well, when it came time to watch the game, we realized that we needed another chair to sit in. The logical choice was the chair that I sit in when I want to watch TV and knit/crochet.

I'm not going to lie...I did NOT want to move this chair. I even contemplated just sitting on the floor. Why you ask? Well...

Behind this chair is where I hide the stash of yarn that I've purchased that Michael didn't know about. **hides face in shame** Mike was like, "Just pull that chair over!" And when I reluctantly moved it, he said, "What is all THAT?" To which I replied..."Shhhh! The game is on!" I knew I had been busted. Michael's mother leaned over and said to me, "I hide mine in the upstairs closet." LOL. We had a wonderful little bonding moment there over our guilty pleasure...stock piling yarn...and then hiding it so our husbands don't see it and question us.

I was visiting a friend of mine the other day and was telling her about the yarn behind the chair and she couldn't stop laughing. She then confided in me how she brings new fabric and clothing into the house without her husband knowing. We both had a wonderful laugh, and it just confirmed that all us housewives have these little secrets when it comes to our guilty pleasures, or our daily household duties.

Within the next few weeks I'm going to be starting my next big office. I'm going to build an office for myself in the corner of my shop, The B.P. know the place I house all my "modern art." I'm so excited about this, for a couple of reasons. I will finally have a room of my own...this may seem weird, but I'm one of those people who loves to have one room that is "theirs." Why? It is my retreat where I can hang what I want on the walls, display all my little tchotchkies and what not without any input from my better half. This office will also act as the Head Quarters for B.P. Farms and any ventures that come with that. But the biggest reason...I'll have a place to hide new purchases that is behind lock and key! ;-) Watch out Michael...LOL

So my question for you, dear readers: What's your secret(s)?

Until next time...Keep Cookin'!


  1. LOL! I have the closet in the guest bedroom! My husband never goes in that room! hehehe. I would love to have a "just for me" room!!

  2. Ummmm I have a lot :) When I want to hide a "new buy" I put it at the bottom of my dirty clothes hamper. Leave it in its bag and then get it out when it's a safe time. Lord knows he won't do my laundry soooooo that secret is safe with me ;)

  3. I cracked up when I read what your Mother-in-law said. I could hear my MIL saying very similar words in my head (in her voice), lol.

  4. My secret is stopping at Michaels after every Dr. dentist, well just any appointment. I have the longest appointments ever LOL. One time I came out of Michaels and my car wouldn't shift into R and I had to call my husband to come and help me, at Michaels, not the Dr. Busted. Sometimes I show him my 50% off coupon and he knows I'm going, but he doesn't know it's only for one item hahaha

  5. OMG! Isn't that the worst when you get busted in that way! LOLOL

  6. HAHAHA! :) It's those little moments that really bond two people, eh LOL

  7. HAHAHAHAHA! I may or may not do that as well! LOL

  8. My scrapbooking project, it's pretty obvious I've been to Michaels a few times LOL

  9. I hide chocolate all over the house. Not because I don't want to share, but because my 4 yr old will sniff it out and obsess over it until he has consumed every last piece. The less he knows the better. I was actually impressed that I was able to keep a bag of PB hearts in my purse for a week before he found out!

  10. Have and do commit all 3. LOL