Friday, December 4, 2015

B.P. Farms - REAL Remodel - Week 4

This blog post is about 5 days later than I initially planned for it to happen...and I wish that I had a good excuse. I don't really have a good one per let me tell you some that I've come up with.

This past weekend turned into what I'd like to call a "painting shit storm/frenzy." In an effort to attempt to get two coats of paint on everything, I neglected certain responsibilities...i.e...Etsy orders, this blog post, and cleaning out the goat barn and duck house. So there you have it...not horrible excuses...but excuses none the less in my book. So I apologize to all of you. From the looks of the stats, about 50 people are reading about my remodel, and I hope that you'll forgive me for being late with this post! :)

So on with the remodel update. Last week wasn't as big of a week with regards to major changes, like the weeks before. But the exciting thing is they started on flooring. We also knew that it was going to be a bit of a short week, since Thanksgiving was thrown right into the middle of it all. All things considered, they made considerable progress! And I can honestly say that we have no complaints about the contractor and his crew, they've been giving it their all and you can tell they care about what they do, and have pride in their work. And that makes a HUGE difference when it comes to the end product.

Our contractor warned us at the beginning of the week that this is the point where it starts to slow down, and it won't look as if they've gotten as much done every day. And he wasn't lying. There are days that we are many changes. BUT in all reality, the major changes have already taken place, and now they are getting into the "putting it back together" phase.

Well, enough of my babbling...let's get to the pictures!


Today was all about getting a coat of primer on all the walls. In order to do that, they needed to cover all the windows and doors and light fixtures. They managed to get one coat of primer on everything, and because of the fact that most of the living area was missing insulation in the ceiling, it was all staying wet still. Luckily we purchased a small dehumidifier, so that helped speed the process up a bit!


Today they really rocked out getting the texturing done on all the walls and the second coat of primer! It's so amazing to see the walls coming to a point where we can paint them!


With the primer and texture completed, it was time to start on the flooring. I laid out a box of tile on the floor so we could see what it was going to look like...and I have to say...I love it!

During all this craziness, I love finding the moments where you walk outside and see the sun streaming through the trees. It felt like a "Touched by an Angel" moment! HAHA I waited for Roma Downey to come out and Andrew to come take my hand to lead me "home." ;-)

By mid-day it looked so different with the windows and doors uncovered! So much light was coming into the space! And they started to get everything set up so they could do tile!

Today the Clean Crawls crew was here to remove all the old insulation from the attics on both sides of the house, along with cleaning up any animal feces and all that fun stuff. Yes...I said animal feces. We live in the woods, so it just comes with the territory! :)

After laying out their lines, it was time to start laying tile! Such an exciting day!

By the end of the day they'd completed the space in front of my bathroom, the laundry area as well as part of the hallway! Not bad! It was so much work, trying to get everything level (our slab is CRAZY), as well as making sure that you don't have big blocks of the same tile.

All the red things are "spacers," they are what make the spaces between all the tiles uniform for the grout.


Thanksgiving! No work done :) But we had a WONDERFUL dinner at Michael's parents' place. It is so great having family near us!


Today was all about two things...laying tile and blowing in insulation. The contractor got to work and completely knocked out the tile in the old side of the house!

They managed to get the tile a few rows into the sitting room! I can't believe how much progress they made today!


Now this is where the painting frenzy started. We wanted to get all the walls and ceilings done before they installed cabinets, and since they were arriving on Monday, that left us two days to get it all done. Michael put one coat of paint on the ceilings in the "great room" on Friday night. And I put a second coat on all that, along with two coats of paint on the ceiling in the sitting room, along with two coats of paint on all surfaces in the pantry. A lot of work was done on Saturday!

Saturday night, Michael taped all the edges, windows and doors that way we could paint on Sunday. And my amazing mother in law graciously gave up her Sunday to help me! And with her help we were able to get two coats on ALL the walls in the living room/kitchen/hallway/entry and sitting room! I am so happy that she was willing to help!

As much as our contractor said that it wouldn't look like there was much change...a TON happened this week! And again I can't express how happy I am with their work, and how appreciative I am that my mother in law was so willing to help me!

Well, I suppose I should get on with my day. A lot to do today, and I need to get started on the blog post for this current week! Sheesh, it never ends! ;-)

Until next time...Keep Cookin'...because I can't! :)

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