Chicken Adventure #2

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Hey! So as you know I'm raising 3 adorable 2 day old Salmon Faverolle chicks for a friend of ours during the month of April. Check this page often to see pictures of these adorable girls as they grow up! Enjoy!!! **Note** I will post updates at the top of this page. To see the girls from Day 1, scroll to the bottom! :)

Day 33:

Today I said goodbye to the three chicks that were with me for the past 32 days. As sad as it was to see them go...they went to a GREAT home on Whidbey Island, and I know that I'll see them again! :) I had so much fun raising them, watching them grow and sharing the experience with all of you! I hope to raise more chicks in the future...and possibly hatch them myself!! Thanks for riding along with me on this journey, I hope you enjoyed it!! :)

Ready for their ride to Whidbey. Bye Bye Birdy! :)

Day 32:

Today was my final full day with the chicks. :( But I honestly can't even begin to tell you how much I've loved watching them grow up! I snapped a few pictures of the chicks today...and then tonight I took another picture similar to the one I took when I first brought them home. Enjoy tonight's pictures. :)

Day 4 :)

Day 32 :)


Middle Child

Big One being camera shy


a headless Middle Child!

Big One

Day 31:

I swear these chicks are eating their weight in food every day! I only have a few more days with them...and while Runty is significantly different in coloring...I'm not sure that it necessarily means that she is a he...or what it means. Big One seems to be getting black feathers on her chest as well...which can also be the sign of a rooster. Only time will tell! Here are today's pictures!


Middle Child

See the black on Big One's chest....

Almost fully feathered Big One!

I remember when all three would fit into the corner!!! :)

Day 30:

THIRTY DAYS! I cannot believe that I've had these chicks for 30 days! My how time has flown by! And they've grown by leaps and bounds! :) I only took a few pictures today because they look pretty much the same...just with a few more feathers. :) Here are today's pictures!


Middle Child (does NOT like her face on camera lol)

Big One

I had to fill the feeder up again tonight! They are CHOWING down!! :)

Day 29:

Just like yesterday, not much to report. More and more feathers are coming in and Big One is still in the lead! :) But Middle Child's head feathers are starting to come in now. :) I've loved watching them grow up!! Here are today's pictures!


Middle Child

Big One

Day 28:

As each day goes by the chicks get bigger and bigger! I can't believe how Big One is almost fully feathered!! And Runty and Middle Child aren't far behind. Not much to report on them, in all honesty. So here are today's pictures!


Middle Child

Big One (With Runty trying to fly in the background lol)

Meeting at the "wet bar" :)

Day 27:

I'm not going to each day goes by I adore getting to watch these chicks grow up! But I also become sad because I know in just a few short days...they'll no longer be a part of BP Farms Bed & Breakfast. It's funny how something becomes such a part of your routine! :) But I've loved having them!!! I truly have! :) And I've enjoyed documenting them each and every day! Today I lowered the temp in the brooder box...they are now 4 weeks old! I can't believe how much they've grown! And I also changed out their feeder. It was just three weeks ago that their feeder was on the it's hanging up higher! :) Well here are today's pictures!!


Runty's wing

Runty's feet :)

Middle Child

Middle Child's wing

Middle Child's foot

Big One

Big One's wing

Big One's feet

The new set up :)

Runty loves the roost

Day 26:

Well the chicks are just getting more and more feathers! Middle Child is getting them on her head just like Big One. And I can't believe how dark Runty's feathers are!!! :) I'm hoping that doesn't mean she is a he....**fingers crossed!** :) Other than that...not much to report on them! They have been eating like crazy, and growing just as much!! So that is good! Next week at this time...they'll be on Whidbey Island in their new home :( **sadness** But they will have lots of room to roam, and a great owner...and that means that I'll have to get more chicks! Anyone want me to raise chicks for them??? :) HAHA! :) Here are today's pictures!

Runty looks WAY different in color! EEK!

Middle Child...she's camera shy! lol

Oh Big One!! :)

One of these three is not like the other LOL

Day 25:

Today was a big day for the chicks! It was sunny and warm-ish outside, so they got to experience GRASS for the first time. They didn't move much, and stood there with a look like...what the hell is this, where's my heat lamp?!?!? :) But now you can see them in a little more light! :) They are getting so big! Enjoy today's pictures!

Big One

Middle Child


Day 24:

Today I raised up the feeder by another block...I can't believe how much they've grown! Their feathers have really started to come in in full force! Runty's are pretty black, which I'm not going to lie, scares me! I'm hoping that they are just dark primary feathers and that Runty turns out to be a pullet like the other two! **fingers crossed** Not much else to report...check out today's pictures!


Middle Child

I LOVE this picture of Big One! All but her head got the memo to grow feathers LOL

Big One

Day 23:

Well if you were anywhere near my garage tonight you'd think I was murdering Big One! She is NOT a fan of being held! Either that or she just doesn't like me. LOL :) But I've noticed more and more that each one of them has different colored feathers on them! This is my favorite part of the growing up process...watching them each come into their own! Big One and Runty both have dark feathers on their feet, while Middle Child's are white-ish. And Big One has black feathers coming on her head but the rest of her feathers seem to be brownish...while Runty has dark, almost black, feathers coming in on her wings and back! So crazy how each of them are different! Enjoy today's pictures!

See how dark Runty's feathers are!

Middle Child has lighter brown feathers.

Middle Child

Big One. Can you see the black dots on her head! :)

Here you can kind of see her foot feathers :) So cute!

Day 22:

Not too much to report today for the girls. They are just getting more of their feathers in each day! Runty's feathers look a little bit darker than Big One and Middle Child's...especially on her back. Tell me what you think! Here are today's pictures...


Middle Child

Big One

Day 21:

Well today has been a bit of a busy day, and I didn't get to spend as much time with the chicks as I'd wanted to. But I did set up a make-shift roost...and of course, they are scared of it! HA! :) But that being said, more feathers are coming in, and I can't believe how many feathers Big One has! And Middle Child's wing feathers look GREAT! Enjoy today's pictures.



Middle Child

Look at Middle Child's wings!

Big One :)

Look how funny Big One looks!

The roost...and them terrified!

Day 20:

Have I really had these three chicks for 20 days?!?! OMG! I can't tell you how time has flown! :( As much as I love reporting on them, as each day goes by...I know that I'm one day closer to letting them go :(. **sigh** But I digress. The girls seemed to have a good day today! Being another week older, I was able to lower the temperature to 75 degrees! :) Their feathers are coming in more and more. And I love how their saddles remind me of Cruela DeVille's fur coat! :) Tomorrow I need to rig up some sort of "branch thing" for them to start practicing their roosting on. I can't believe how much they've grown! Big One still doesn't like to be handled by me...and Runty and Middle Child almost run into my hands! :) Here are today's pictures!


Runty is looking good!

Middle Child

awww the Middle Child

Look at all of Big One's feathers!

Big One is totally ahead!

Day 19:

Well the girls are doing well today! They've been sleeping a lot, which I know is because they are just growing like crazy! I can't believe how much they've grown in the past couple of weeks. And they are definitely getting into their "awkward phase" LOL. But I find them adorable no matter what! Today affirmed the fact that Big One does NOT care to be handled! LOL Maybe it's just by me...who knows! But I also noticed that Big One and Runty have darker foot feathers than Middle Child....**trying not to be nervous!** But other than that, they are really starting to pop out their feathers!!! Getting all the more rag-a-muffin! And I'm so happy that I've raised up their feeder! It stays clean, and they don't waste as much of it! **yay!** Here are today's pictures!

Runty and Middle Child seem to like me :)

Little Miss Runty :)

Runty's foot feathers.
Middle Child

Middle Child's foot feathers

Big One :)

Big One's foot feathers

Day 18:

Today I didn't get to spend much time with the chicks. I was away from the home most of the day. But tonight I went out to check on them. Big One is never happy to see me. In fact, I'm pretty sure she hates me! :) But that's okay. I'm so happy to see that Runty is catching up with her feathers! :) And Middle Child is just that...running in the middle of the pack :) Here are tonight's pictures! :)

L to R - Runty, Big One, Middle Child

Middle Child

Big One :)

Awww, Runty :)

Day 17:

Every time I went near the brooder box today the girls were sleeping! This growing must really be tuckering them out! But I'm also happy to see that they are drinking well out of the new waterer and that the feeder I rigged up is working! There isn't as much wood shavings in it, and I can tell they have not been walking in it! :) It's hard to believe that it's going on 3 weeks that I've had the girls! Seems like yesterday I picked them up from Portage Bay Grange! Well not much to report on today. Runty is trying her hardest to catch up with Middle Child. And Big One...well she's just as feisty as ever! She does NOT care to be held by me, and today while I was trying to take pictures of her she flew from my hand back into the brooder box! What a little bugger! I was doing some research on Salmon Faverolles, which is never a good idea for me! With my girls I had sneaking suspicions that both Wendy and Chynna were roosters! Now I'm also starting to convince myself that Big One is a rooster! :( I hope not! So I have now banned myself from looking up information on sexing Salmon Faverolle chicks! LOL :) Here are today's pictures!

Here's the feeder and waterer setup I have now LOL
Runty, trying to catch up!

That tail is lookin' better!
Middle Child has a few back feathers coming in...

Middle Child
And here's Big One!

She is NOT happy. This is right before she flew!

Here are the dark foot feathers that are starting to worry me!

Day 16:

Today I cleaned out their brooder box again, the bigger they get, the more of a mess they make! And I tried to rig up a way to hold up their feeder so it doesn't get so much of pine shavings in it. I may attempt to build a little contraption onto the side of the brooder box that I can raise and lower for their feeder. :) Always trying to be handy and make things easier! 

Today while holding Big One, she did a big one on my hand. If you know me, you know I have a bit of a weak stomach, lol, so this proved to be almost disastrous for me! :) But I managed to hold it together, wipe it off and then take the pictures! As you can see more of Big One and Middle Child's neck feathers are poking through, and Big One's tail is by far the furthest along! And my little Runty...well she's still a little behind! But that's okay! :) Here are today's pictures!

They are using the waterer just fine! :)

It looks like she has on a rag-a-muffin fur coat! LOL

Shake your tail feathers! ;)
Mild Child is doing well with her feathers :)

This pose reminds me of a vulture looking down ready to get something!
Oh Runty! :)

Can you tell the difference between the three? :)

Day 15:

Today is a day that I've really noticed the changes in the chicks! Okay, so I've named them, but this is more of an identifier LOL. We have "Big One," "Middle Child," and "Runty." And I'd say that Runty is about 3 or 4 days behind Big One when it comes to growth and feathers. But then again, I could be wrong! LOL! At this stage they really do change daily! But I've noticed that Big One has started getting some of the feathers on her neck, and her tail is coming along nicely! Where as Runty is a ways behind. And Middle Child truly does fall in the middle! :) Runty again tried to climb up my arm. She reminds me so much of my Chynna! :) **heart melts** They are growing up so fast!! Here are some pictures from today!

Big One

Big One - look at those wings! And her tail :)

Big One :)
Middle Child - she's not far behind Big One! :)

Her wings are pretty!
Runty making her way up my arm!

See how she's just a little behind...

She still looks like a chick :) Still super cute!

Day 14:

Big news! Today I successfully switched the chicks from their standard chicken fount to the Avian Aqua Miser Chicken Nipples!!! YAY! I'm so happy about this. Now the chicks will have clean water at all times. I've filmed a video on how to install and switch the chicks over to the chicken nipples! Check it out and let me know what you think! And you'll also get to see the chicks in this video!! :) They are so cute, and their feathers are coming in like CRAZY! I can't believe how fast their feathers are coming in! :)

Here's the link for the video!! RHOSC Switching chicks to the Avian Aqua Miser Chicken Nipple!

Day 13:

So not much to report today about the girls. Well I've decided that tomorrow will be the day that I switch the girls over to the Avian Aqua Miser waterer! :) So look for my video on that to come! :)

But other than that, the girls are doing well! They are growing and still popping out their feathers. I've checked with some places, and they think that the "big one's" feathers on her feet will be just fine. They think it's just natural, that its the blood helping to form the feathers, and that when the feathers pop through that should recede. But I need to keep an eye on it. :) The girls were good today when I went out to hold them :) I was going to go out and take pictures of them a little bit ago, but they were all passed out in different parts of the brooder box! :) Today I was able to raise the heat lamp up another few inches, as they can now be at around 80 degrees! I can't believe how fast they are growing!!!

Day 12:

So today I cleaned out the brooder box again, those little girls poop up a storm! But I guess its what's to be expected when all they do is eat for 90% of their day!! :) But today when I went in to pet them and take pictures, two of them ran up to my hand (and not to attack it! lol). The runt and the "middle child" seem to have taken a little bit of a liking to me. The big one seems to hang back a bit. :) But they are all doing well. Runt insisted on trying to climb up my arm towards my shoulder, but she kept slipping down. An adventurous little thing!! The are getting big!!! :)

the "middle child"
Runt climbing up my arm!

The big one didn't want me to look at her feet again today.
This is her left foot, can you see the dark purple feathers... :(

Just another shot of the left foot. She squirmed too much for me to take one of the right foot
Clearly discussing how awful it was to be held by "the fat man" again! :)

Day 11:

Well not much to report today...but they are continuing to get more and more feathers! :) The biggest girl has some weird blood feathers on her foot. They are pretty dark and seem painful to her if they are touched. So I need to do some research on them. They are almost 2 weeks old!!! Time goes by so quickly!! :( Only a few more weeks before they more. **sigh** Well here are some pictures!

The runt!

Look at the fluffy feet!
The "middle" child :)
The tail feathers are still a comin'!
The BIG girl. can you see the dark feathers on her foot :(

Her feathers are coming in the best!

Day 10:

Today I noticed that the feathers on the back in between the wings of the larger and medium chick are starting to come in! I love when the feathers start to come in because they look so rag-a-muffin! The runt is doing pretty well. Her tail feathers are finally starting to come in! None of the peeped loudly at me when I stuck my hand in the box today! **Progress** Slowly but surely getting them used to being handled :) Those girls eat non-stop. Every time I go into the garage they are all three standing around the feeder with their heads buried in it! But that's good! I want them to grow up healthy and strong! :) Here are some pictures!

Day 9:

Today the girls were pretty feisty when I took them out of the box. And I had to do my regular, clean dried poop off their feet thing. But hey, that's all a part of it, right? :) Two of them are definitely "ahead" of the third. She's the runt of the group, but I think that's why I like her! My Chynna was the runt as well! But that being said, she isn't too far behind, she's just a little slower than the other two! But she is by far the feistiest one! I can't believe I've had these three babies for 9 days!!! I'm not looking forward to sending them to Whidbey Island! :( But anyways, here are some pictures from today!

Look at those wings!!

This is my little runt! :) so fluffy even in the wings!

The runt again...but I look a bit creepy! HA HA

They are such little busy bodies! Looking for food everywhere!

Trying to "fly"....Not quite my darling!

Doing a good job "roosting"!!! :)

Day 8:

Today there isn't much to report on the girls. I know they are growing daily, but I won't see much change for another week or so when their feathers start coming in! It's nice that I don't have to make sure that the temp stays above 90 degrees in there, but I guess 85 degrees isn't much different! HA! They didn't make too much noise when I went in to pet them today...I think they are getting used to me!! :)

Look at those wings!!!

Say....WHAT?! :)

Quick, HIDE! He's taking more pictures!

Day 7:

Well today I cleaned out the brooder box. It's amazing that 3 tiny chicks can create so much poop! I guess it shouldn't surprise me since my 3 girls outside leave bombs in the yard bigger than Puck's! But I digress. The chicks are lively as ever today. The feisty one didn't attack my finger today, thank goodness. They still squawk loudly when I pick them up, but seem to calm down once they are in my hands. So that's a good sign, I like to think! I find that these days the pictures all look the same! HA HA but here are some more of them!

Ahhhh I love the fluffy butt stage!!

I'm not sure what she was picking at!

Okay, I got photo bombed by her! LOL

Look at those FIVE toes! My girls only have 4 on each foot!

So here's a better picture of the incoming tail feathers! So stinking cute!!!

Day 6:

Well, the girls are officially 1 week old! Their wing feathers are all starting to come in nicely! And they've taken to peeping LOUDLY every time one of us walks into the garage. However, they all scatter and peep when we walk up to the brooder box. They want to know who's there, but they don't want us to come up to them! Over the past few days I've been trying to get a picture of them sleeping, which is no easy task! Because the minute I move the lid, they all wake up and scatter! But this morning, when I went to take out the trash I moved the lid over and waited an hour and went back out there. Sure enough, they were sound asleep. I'm not going to lie, the first time I saw my girls like this last year...I panicked because I thought they were dead! But alas, as soon as you make a noise they get up and start peeping...

Yesterday morning when I went out there, they were in this position but in different parts of the brooder box! It looked like some sort of crime scene and I looked closely for little white chalk outlines! I absolutely love how they lie flat on the ground, so cute! I can't wait until they start to loose their fluff and get into the "awkward phase" where they are all gangly and funny looking. :)

Here are more pictures from today!

Can you see the tail feathers starting to come in!! So cute!

Still not sure what to think of me!

They were fascinated by the corner! LOL

Look at that wing.

Day 5:

Today I haven't been home too much, but I managed to spend a little bit of time out with the chicks. I've noticed that the runty one that I was worried about the first night has become a bit sassy. Every time I put my hand in to pet them or to grab one of them, she runs up and pecks at my finger! I have a feeling that she's either going to be a rooster or the dominant hen! **fingers crossed for the dominant hen** But they are lively and eating and drinking! Which is a GREAT sign! Like I said I was worried about the runty one the first day I brought them home...but she's proved to be a bit of a fighter! :) Tomorrow they will be 1 week old! Their wing feathers are coming in nicely!

Day 4:

Well the girls seem to be adjusting great to their brooder box and they are eating and drinking and just being baby chicks! I need to start spending more time with them every day because they still run from me peeping really loudly whenever I reach in to grab them! But I managed to have Michael snap a picture of me with the girls this morning. And my shirt says it all!!


Day 3:

I just adore going outside in the mornings to see how the girls are doing. I've been trying to hold each one of them for a little bit each day to make sure they start getting used to humans. :) But it's definitely a Happy Easter around here!!

So there were three chicks standing in the corner...(sounds like the start of a joke!)

Love the little dinosaurs!!
Day 2:

I was happy to see the girls up and around this morning, peeping and eating!

Checking everything out...not sure what to make of me yet! :)

Look at those fuzzy little legs!!! So darned cute!!
They seem to be adjusting just fine and I can't wait to see show you what the girls are up to and how they are growing!!

Day 1:

I picked the girls up from Portage Bay Grange in Seattle. I simply adore this place! All the employees are super helpful and knowledgeable! Also, it's a great place to check out for a little "farm adventure" in the city!

The only box I had in the garage was a "Build-a-Bear" box, but this worked perfectly!!

They peeped the entire way home!! So adorable!!

Of course they weren't happy in the box, but they were happy to get home!

Their first "view" of their new home for the next 6 - 8 weeks!

All toasty warm at 90 degrees with food and water...get any better??
I kept an eye on the girls for the rest of the afternoon and evening...just to make sure they were adjusting after their long day.

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