Monday, July 2, 2012

Workin' my core...

Okay, this week is suppose to be a "Recovery Week" in the Insanity workout...but I have to disagree. Recovery my @$$! Today's workout made my legs, arms and shoulders burn while I had to do different core strengthening workouts. I almost miss my other workouts...almost!

Well I've been promising a video for a LONG time...and I've finally put together a few of them from the new house and I'm going to start out with my "Housewife's Tips" video. :) Over the next week or two I'll also add the videos for making home made pita bread and home made basic white bread. I'll post the link at the bottom of this post (that way you read this entire post!). 

The chickens have grown quite a bit over the past few days, and it shocks me each time I look into the brooder box. They have more feathers coming in daily, and they are eating food like it's going out of style. I also put up a roost in the box for them to sit on and I can't believe how they jump up on there. It was just a few weeks ago that they were little fluff balls who slept most of the day! :) So here are a few pictures of the girls.

Added some sod to the run for them to eat up

I put them in the Coop and they weren't quite sure what to do.

One by one I left them up in the coop and made them come down the ramp. Chynna first.

Wendy just stood up there chirping rather loudly!

Carnie saw the food dish in the run and immediately came down!

Wendy is getting prettier every day!

Carnie is starting to get the feathers on her head too!

Poor Chynna, slow to feather Chynna LOL

Wendy did NOT want to be left alone in the run!

I put them all on the roost in their run. :)

Roosting in the brooder box

My nephew spread out chick feed on the garage floor for them LOL
The last four weeks have been fun watching the girls get bigger. I'm watching them anxiously hoping that they are all three going to end up hens, and NOT roosters! I think I'm over-thinking this whole thing...but knowing my luck, all three will be little roosters and then I'll be in trouble! HA! :)

I'm excited to move them out to the coop at the end of next week. I put a light on the inside of the coop to make sure they get a total of 15 hours of light each day (which is suppose to help them continue to lay eggs throughout the winter). Everything is coming together nicely, and I can honestly say that I've really enjoyed this entire process! But it will be even better when it comes time to start collecting the eggs...a.k.a...the fruits of our labor!

I have five more days this week of doing Core Cardio & Balance then it's into the hard stuff next week. Each workout starts with MAX, and I'm SCARED! :) Until next time, I hope you all have a great week! And as promised, here is the link to my video! Enjoy!

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