Thursday, May 9, 2013

Re-entry into normal life...

Let's all be honest...vacation is GREAT! But re-entry into normal life is always a bit tough. We landed in Seattle last night at around 9:45 PM. My father met us at the airport.(He just flew in from Montana.) And then it was back to our home...our life.

Being 100% honest with you all...normally leaving Hawaii is always very tough for me. However this time, I was at a bit of peace I guess you could say. I honestly feel like we'll be going back to Hawaii on a regular basis...which Michael has realized is where I thrive.

Yesterday's flight proved to be a bit rough because of this darn cold. My ears popped most of the flight, and luckily it wasn't too bad when we were landing. But I managed to snap a few pictures during the flight. A few of my last glances of Oahu...and the sunset while we were getting close to Seattle.

Waikiki and Diamond Head just under the wing...

Coming around Koko Head Crater...

The sunset as we were nearing Seattle.

Michael and I both watched as it set in the distance...
I know that I promised you all that today would be the "Best of" entry...but it's been a bit of a busy day around here.

I woke up around 6 AM when Michael got ready for work, then shortly after I headed to the grocery store. When I got back to the house my father had already gotten up and showered and was ready for the day. :) So I made some coffee, we chatted...and then we made our way up to Everett to get the boys.

Now if there is anything great about's the fact that when we get back the boys are normally EXHAUSTED! When they handed Cooper's leash to me he leisurely walked out the door to the car and hopped into his kennel. And for most of the day, he and Puck have been crashed in different positions on their bed or the couch with my dad. :)

We also drove to Bellevue today to look at a Porsche. No...I don't want a Porsche...but my father does. (Let's see if he reads this...) I think it's another mid-life crisis. :) I know it's his money...but's my inheritance! :) What do I need with a Porsche? How many chickens can I fit into it?

But needless to say, the Porsche ended up being more of a project than it was worth so we made our way back home. And it was back to the life of this housewife! I mowed the front and back lawn...which turned into a bit of jungle while we were gone! And I also made sure everything was watered around the yard.

Tonight for dinner I made some steak on the grill, along with some potatoes and then a salad with lettuce and radishes from our garden. I'm so happy that summer is coming, I LOVE having these veggies from our garden at my disposal!! :)

Before I go, I'll share some pictures that I shared earlier today on Instagram. I LOVE coming home and having the garden looking amazing and all our flowering trees/shrubs in bloom! Enjoy these pictures!

My lilac is in bloom and smells GREAT!

Even though my double white lilac doesn't have many blooms it is a million times better than it was last year!

Michael's Pink Dogwood Tree :)

Michael's White Dogwood tree :)

My herbs have just exploded!!! :)
What can I say...even though most post vacation re-entries are tough...this one hasn't been too terrible. It's great to have my dad here, and it's great to come back to some warmer temps and things doing so well. I may not post tomorrow, but I PROMISE that Saturday will be my "Best of" post! This time I swear! And Jennifer from Vegas...I KNOW you will hold me to this! :)

So until next time...Keep Cooking! :)


  1. You bet your boots I will! Lol!!! Your herbs look great!!!

  2. Good to have you back in Seattle. See you Wednesday at THC??