Monday, November 16, 2015

B.P. Farms - REAL Remodel - Week 2

Last week may have seemed like a whirlwind, but it was just a taste of what this week had in store for us. Getting ready for the actual construction to start proved to be challenging, and even a bit tense for us at times.

Between the time that Second Use left and when the construction crew started, I needed to get the entire first floor buttoned up! It was a bit of a shit show, in it's own right...if I'm going to be honest. For some reason I have this insane need to do all of this stuff on my own...I guess its my way of justifying that I work out of the home while Michael works outside of the home. Make any sense? I don't think so, either! HAHA But that is how it is with me.

I somehow managed to get everything packed up, and in the process felt like a doomsday prepper because our closet in the master bedroom has pantry things on all the shelves instead of clothing! HA! Other things, like big furniture, was crammed into the garage...while platters and kitchen appliances, dishes and other things were loaded into the gym room. And we decided throughout this whole remodel that we'd be living in the dining room, so we set that up in a cozy way to help us still feel a bit at home.

Our garage is full of big furniture! :)

Monday morning came quick...and I still had a few things to move. I got that all done before their 9 AM arrival, thank goodness!

Here's a video that I recorded before they got here. Please...don't judge me...hahaha. I watched this while editing and boy am I a cheeseball!


The crew arrived and immediately got to work! And so much happened on the first day!

The calm before the storm!

This wall will be gone! I can't wait to see it gone!

The two types of flooring here will become the same! So excited. This is the view from the old side of the house towards the kitchen.

This is looking in from the far door. The stairs on the left go up to the other side of the house where we have two bedrooms.

Looking from the front door towards the living room. Soon enough you'll be looking straight in with no wall!

They wasted no time removing drywall!

Laminate flooring gone!

I couldn't believe it when I looked out from the dining room and all the sheet rock was gone!

View from the front door to the kitchen.

View from the corner of the living room looking into the kitchen!

I have to say, Monday was an extremely productive day!! So dang crazy!


They got to work as soon as they walked through the door. They were chipping tile to prep the slab to be cut into so they could run the electric and gas to the island.

Trench dug!

They started prepping the space for the new skylight.

It's so crazy looking up and seeing the inside of the roof! HAHA. And it was quite chilly!

I'm already loving being able to see through to the windows!

By the end of the day they had all the insulation pulled and stacked nicely in the sitting room.


Today they cut the hole in the roof for the vent for the new hood.

The plumber was here and ran the new gas line through the footing of the house, and to the island.

Then the MASSIVE beam arrived! This thing is just under 20 feet long!

Per plans drawn up by the engineer, they started to chip out part of the slab in order to pour the new footings that would support the posts holding up the beams!

This orange stuff is actually a sealant that they use to seal any cracks in the slab.

New can lights in the hallway leading to the bedroom and bathroom. I was extremely happy to see the track lighting leave!

By the end of the day, they were almost ready to pour the footing!


Thursday morning they cut the other hole for the footing, then set to work pouring concrete so it had enough time to set before they installed the beam and the posts.

Once the gas line was run, along with the electrical...they started to pour concrete to reform the slab.

The plumber did an amazing job redoing the plumbing and pushing it into the wall.

By the end of the day, the new skylight was installed!

It's so crazy to think that just a week ago...the kitchen was fully in tact!

They also finished installing all the can lights in the living room.

New gas line with shut off valve, and the electrical.


Today was a BIG day! They installed the beam! I can't even believe that they got it done!

They had to build support walls, per engineers plans, before they could remove the current wall and install the beam.

The wall is almost completely gone!

The wall is gone...and now they are working the beam up into place!

Almost there!

It's in place! Now it's time to get the end posts set in place!

By the end of the day, the beam was in...and lights installed...and I can't even being to tell you how big my smile was!

Plumbing complete, and concrete re-poured!

Before they left, they finished installed the hangers so they could attach the rafters to the new beam.

What an amazing week! I can't believe how much they accomplished in 5 days! It's been so wonderful to see how much light has been flooding in, even though the days have been pretty dreary! I hope you enjoyed the pictures from this week! I sure as hell have enjoyed seeing all the progress that has happened! 

Next week will be a big one. They'll finish tying the rafters into the beam, per plans, and remove the temporary walls. Then its on to chipping tile, surface grinding the slab and putting up the new sheet rock! I can't believe this is all happening! WONDERFUL!

Well folks...until next time...Keep Cookin'! :)

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