Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valenti.....ugh...Happy Single's Awareness Day...

Okay, so I realize that I'm married now and that today is the holiday for those in love...but I will be the first to say that I can NOT stand this day. I like to call today a "forced holiday," and one that is meant to either stress you out trying to figure out what to do for your "sweetie"...or even worse, make it glaringly obvious that you are single.

I think back to the days when I was single and it seemed that no matter what, I was always single when Valentine's Day came around. And I hated hearing "Happy Valentine's DAY!!!!!" from everyone around me. **I guess I took my "Bitter Betty Pill" this morning instead of my multi-vitamin. :) But these holidays never really do what they are intended to do, and that is why I call them "forced holidays."

I'm not a fan of when society dictates certain things, like when we should celebrate the fact that we are on this earth, or even in love with someone. I've never been one to celebrate my birthday because I'd rather you say, "Hey, let me take you out to dinner tonight! I'm happy you are alive!" Cheesy, I know...but do you see what I mean? Also, why only make a big show of your love for someone on a specific day? Why not save your money and buy roses on a random day when they aren't $500 a dozen! :) Do you see where I'm going with all this? No? Well neither do I to be quite honest.

As I was watching tv this morning all those Valentine's Day ads seemed to be on every other commercial and it brought back all those feelings about these holidays. I've learned that in my life we can't just celebrate on specific days, we need to celebrate each and every day. I've never been one who enjoys getting gifts, therefore I'm not very good at giving gifts. So I give what I know, love through meals. There is nothing that I love more than having someone that I care for come over for a meal that I've prepared for them. And I love it even more when they love the food I make! :)

Michael and I always struggle with getting each other gifts. Mainly because we are at a point where we have pretty much everything we want, and if there is something we want we usually buy it. It's nice to be at that point, but it honestly makes gifts a rough endeavor! I'm easy to shop for because I'm always saying..."ooooo! I like that!" Michael on the other hand is the hardest person to shop for! He never really wants anything, nor does he vocalize if there is something that he wants. So I have to watch for subtle hints and clues throughout the year! **First world problems, I know lol.**

But for us, the best gifts that are given to each other are the ones that are given on random days! I love sending him a text that says, "I have a surprise for you!" It drives him insane while he's at work, then comes home to find something. And they normally aren't big things, but little things that I know he'll truly like, or that I know he'd never buy for himself. Sometimes, it's even something that I bought with a coupon....that man will drive 50 miles to use a $1 off coupon! :) Insanity! LOL

I'm not sure where this entire blog post is going, so maybe that is a sign that I should end it sooner rather than later! :) But I urge you to tell the people that you love that you love them not just on a day that society (and Hallmark) wants you to, but every day. On that note, I need to go clean the chicken coop...Happy Valentine's Day! ;-)

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