Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why do I do it?

It seems as of late that many people are asking me the question, "Why do you do it?" And that question is about many different things. Sometimes it can be said with an undercurrent of judgement, curiosity, or confusion. But no matter what the undercurrent I'm still trying to figure out what the appropriate way to answer this question is.

Yesterday while I was preparing for "Little's Group" at The Healing Center one of the mothers asked me why I do it. She asked, "So you volunteer here and at Safe Crossings, are you doing this for some degree or do you just like grief work?" I smiled and told her that I was going to Antioch University, but stopped drinking their **OH SO EXPENSIVE** Kool-Aid. I have always loved working with children and because of finding The Healing Center I realized how rewarding it is to work with children who are in this situation. She smiled at me and thanked me for volunteering.

There was no judgement in her voice, just curiosity. Many people tell me that they couldn't do it, they wouldn't be able to hold it together hearing these children's stories. And I won't lie, it's not easy. There have been many times that the inner nurturer in me wants to grab these children and hold them close while crying with them. And there have been moments when a child is crying and I too have tears streaming down my face.

But in the same breath I have had to learn how to separate and not carry each one of these children's losses with me. If I hadn't learned how to do that I don't think I'd even be able to get out of bed in the morning. But at the beginning of each group I still have to a deep breath as each child talks about their loved one who has passed away. It's human to feel empathy, it's human to hurt, and it's human to cry. But its our job as humans to figure out what is appropriate for the situation.

My work with loss and grief is not the only thing that people question. My blog is another thing that people give me "the look" about. Why do you feel the need to write about everything? What do you get out of it? Do you think anyone is even reading it? And these questions don't only come from others, they have been rolling around in my head since the moment I started this blog.

In short, I blog because I love to write. I love to share parts of my life with others, and I realize that not everyone is interested. But that is the beauty of a blog, if you aren't interested you don't have to continue reading. But deep down I want each and every person to be interested and hang on every word, waiting anxiously for my next blog post! :) We can dream, right?

I know that my blog posts can vary from post to post, but in all honesty, that is how my life is! No two days are the same and it seems like something new is always popping up. I've enjoyed sharing all of this with anyone who's willing to read. And there is no better feeling than when I get the e-mail telling me I have a comment. So, now is the part where I ask something of you, the readers. If you are reading this blog...take a moment and go to my "Contact Me" page and leave me a comment. Let me know what you think, if there's anything you'd like to see, or even just say, "Hi."

Why do I do this? Because I have so many different things that I'm passionate about and I want to share them with others. I love my kitchen and all that goes with it. I adore cooking and even more than that I enjoy feeding others. My garden, my chickens, my dogs, my life. These are all things that I love and am passionate about, and I hope that you have enjoyed traversing my life with me!

I also love raindrops on roses...but right now, raindrops on the magnolia blossoms make me smile!

Until next time...Keep Cooking!


  1. Leaving a comment to say "Hi" :)

    Your grief work is to be commended. It's a sad but necessary thing in life and I for one am glad there are people as kind as you.

    I love your blog and I would be sad if you didn't do this. You're an amazing writer and I always smile when I see there is a new blog post :)

    Your Magnolia is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love Magnolias, maybe because I love the movie Steel Magnolias ;)

    1. Jen,
      Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate your faithful readership!! :) And I ADORE Steel Magnolias! Although the one they made for Lifetime with an all African American cast...NOT my favorite! Just wasn't the same!!!

      Take care Jen!!!

  2. I'm leaving a comment too. I am new to reading your blog, but I'm very glad I found it. I find you always have something interesting to say.

    1. Judy,

      I'm so happy you found my blog! I always love it when someone new finds my blog and continues to return! :)

      I did find out more about that gorilla, her name is Nina and she is the eldest gorilla at the zoo, she was born in the wild in 1968. I wonder if that is what you can see in her face...the longing for where she was born. My heart still aches for her.

      Thanks for leaving a comment! I appreciate them, each and every one!!