Saturday, February 22, 2014

What Inspires and Motivates You?

I've been rather absent from my blog this month, and as always, there is no good excuse for it. Over the past few weeks I've had several blog ideas rolling through my head, but never actually sat down to write. That was until the other night when my phone buzzed telling me that I had a new e-mail waiting for me.

I entitled this post, "What Inspires and Motivates You?" because we all have the tendency to become complacent in our day to day lives. And sometimes it takes an outsider to stop you and say that they appreciate what you do, or who you are to really get you to stop and think. I fall into the rut quite often, and it's one where I know that I have people who follow my blog or my Facebook page, and that truly makes me happy. But out of all the people who read my blog or check out my page, not many take the time to leave a comment or drop me an  e-mail (which I ADORE e-mails!!!) to give me their feedback. So it's easy for me to think that my posts, videos and pictures are just floating out there in the great unknown.

The other night when I checked my e-mail I was greeted by an message from someone who stumbled upon my cooking videos while looking for whole wheat bread recipes. He spent the entire afternoon watching every one of my videos. While reading his e-mail my heart began to swell and I couldn't stop smiling. There were two lines in the e-mail that have been rolling through my head since I first read it.

Whatever it is that motivates you, just know that every now and then, you touch the heart of a perfect stranger who is thankful for it. Thank you so very much, and Michael, for all you do to help change the world one video, blog and tweet at a time.
I started thinking about what motivates me to blog or make videos. And I stopped because I realized that I've lost some of that motivation recently. Sure I love to blog when I'm on vacation, but normally my blogging comes in spurts. I also realized that as I'm cooking any meal I'm going through it in my head as if I were making a video (sometimes even talking out loud like I'm recording a I just let you all know how crazy I really am! LOL). And I have many ideas for videos but then I start to think about all the work that goes into setting up, filming, cooking then editing a video...and I lose my steam.

It took this e-mail to kind of shake me out of my funk. I have been brainstorming ideas for videos and blog posts as well. Oh...and let me not forget that I have a recipe contest that has been going on for SEVERAL months and have only two entries. So I'm going to work on redoing the contest and get it going! I would love to have so many entries that I don't know what to do! Can you all help with that? Can you? :)

Okay...back to motivation and inspiration. I had my dear friend, Mary, over for lunch the other day. She is one person who, since finding my blog, has always told me how much she enjoys it. She shares it with others, and even told me that she gave it to another person who is trying to teach herself how to cook. When I hear things like this I laugh to myself because I can't believe that I'm helping people by doing what I enjoy. This is what motivates me to sit down and type up my cooking column for My Edmonds News each month.

As I've said before, I started this blog as a creative outlet for myself. But it evolved into chronicling the daily life of a non traditional housewife who does everything from cooking, cleaning to cleaning a chicken coop, gardening and volunteer work. And as funny as it sounds, I don't really think about how my posts or videos can inspire others. So when someone stops to tell me that they love my blog or love a recipe I posted and that they make it all the time catches me off guard. But then I smile and I think, "What I do does matter." I guess what I'm saying is, I blog for me...I make videos because I do enjoy it and I love to laugh at myself. :) And I love it when someone lets me know that they got something out of it.

I just finished watching this season of "The Taste." On the show was a wonderful woman named Marina. She was born in China, moved to Brazil and now lives in the United States. Early on she was given the often looked down upon title of "Home cook." I couldn't help but be glued to the TV when she was on. This woman is the kind who would put a pork chop in a blender making everyone go...what in the world! But she would turn it into a meal that was fit for a king! It's people like her who inspire me. She is a woman who cooked out of necessity for her family, and no matter what they threw at her in this competition she tackled it head on and always with confidence.

Sadly, she didn't win. I was rooting for her all the way through, knowing that she was a powerhouse when it came to cooking. She said something in the last episode that really made me stop and think. She said, "Take a quantum leap and you might end up on the moon." How often are we too afraid to take that leap into something new? She's right, if you take that leap you just might end up on the moon...or even OVER the moon!

I have a wonderful and faithful reader here on my blog named Jen. Recently she and her husband decided to put their things in storage and move to Puerto Vallarta! Their kids are grown and they don't have anything tying them down, so they figured that now was a great time to do it. In telling people she got great reactions and some that weren't so great. Whenever you are about to make a big change in your life you know that there are pros and cons. But you can't let fear of the unknown stop you from living. And you can't let people who try to drag you down keep you from taking that leap. She took that leap and they are now in Mexico enjoying the start of this new adventure. That's not to say that there haven't been bumps...and that there won't be some more. But that's what life is about...LIVING!

I've learned in my life to use fear and doubt as motivators. You can either let them drag you down and keep you from doing things...or you can turn them around and use them to fuel your life in a good way. I've also learned that I need to stop every now and again and look around me. Around me are amazing people who inspire me by just being themselves. That's the biggest never know who is looking up to you or is inspired by you just being you. I encourage you to think about the people and things that inspire and motivate you. Have you lost your steam lately? Do you forget to take time for yourself? I'm guilty of it...I get lost in the daily hub-bub of life and I sometimes forget why I do what I do.

To everyone reading are what motivates me to continue writing. Now I'd be even more motivated if you'd comment or send me e-mails...but I digress. :) So thank you all for the comments and e-mails and the time you take to read my blog. I'm making a promise here and now...I'm going to make more of an effort to blog about my amazing life. Okay...I couldn't even type that without laughing LOL. But yea...I need to stop just thinking, "This would make a great video." or "I should write about this." and just do it! Here's to the rest of 2014! Onward and upward!

Until next time...Keep Cooking!


  1. What a great blog!!!!!! And I'm not just saying that because you gave me a shout out ;). I was one of those people that got in a rut. I had a comfort zone around me and it was easy, but hardly challenging! Moving to Mexico was scary, but now I feel like my little neighborhood here is quickly becoming my new comfort zone. I'm going to keep trying to push beyond it so I don't get too settled on one routine!!

    Your blog is what inspired me to do my own!!!! So yes, you did touch my life and motivate me to do something out of my comfort zone!! Thank You!!!

  2. I look for your blog at least once a week. When no new blog i am disappointed. Maybe Jennifer should start a blog. It would be interesting to read of how her adventurous move to Mexico is working out. Keep up the blogging. I am sure you have many followers that look for it and am remiss on contacting you as i have been.

  3. Hi Myrtle! This is my blog, I hope you will stop by!

  4. Thank you Brian!!!!! I would love to be "Followed"