Friday, November 18, 2011

Mexican version of Cinderella...Mexirella!

Today I've been up since around 6:30 AM when Mike left for work, and have been trying to clean our house. I feel like the Mexican version of Cinderella. "Vacuum the floors, Mexirelly...bathe the dogs, Mexirelly...dust the house, Mexirelly...Make good food, Mexirelly!" I've been waiting all morning for the little mice to come out and help me clean and we sing fun songs and I twirl while dreaming of my prince to come and take me away!

But I realize that this is all just a fantasy, and if little mice came out of the walls I'd probably freak out, go by mouse traps and catch the little frickers before they ate all my food! So here I am, taking a break from cleaning, and not wanting to finish the rest of the house!

Since we've been back from Europe I've gone into work a few times and helped with getting out the Thank You's and Receipts/Invoices from the NovemberFest. We raised a great amount of money, and I'd like to take a moment to thank my friends who donated. I know who you are since I have access to the information LOL, and it really means a lot that you donated! To those of you who didn't...shame on you! ;-) Kinda. LOL. But you can always donate to The Healing Center! it! :)

Mike and I are coming up on our 6 month anniversary of when we registered as Domestic Partners. I've been seeing things in the news about wanting to make gay marriage legal in Washington state, and I think about what Mike and I had to do in order to legally bind ourselves together. We had the choice of filling the paperwork out and mailing it in, or filling it out and driving down to Olympia to have it processed. We chose to drive down there that way we'd know the exact date, and know that it wouldn't get lost in the paperwork down in the state offices.

When we got to Olympia that morning, we had to go to the Corporations Division. This is the same place you'd go if you wanted to start an LLC or a Non-Profit Organization. In the eyes of this *wonderful* state, Mike and I are nothing more than a corporation. We took a number (no joke), stood in line and a *wonderful* man named Brad called us over to his window. He took our paperwork, not really acknowledging us, looked it over, printed a few things, and asked us to make sure our names were spelled correctly. After saying that it was he said, "Here's an important document to read, and're done." That was it...Mike and I looked at each other and tried not to laugh. As we walked out of the Corporations Division office we took a picture in front of the building (we now have that hanging on our picture wall in the dining room), and went to the car to head to Tacoma.

When I hear people make the statement that "Everything but marriage is good enough for the gays," I wonder if they realize what really happens. Mike and I aren't treated like normal people who are wanting to live their lives and have their union recognized by not only the state but the federal government. While we do have rights here in this state, if we travel to another state we need to take notarized Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare documents with us in case, God forbid, something were to happen to us. If we were heterosexual and our wife was in the hospital, no one would even ask for proof that we were married, even if we didn't have the same last name. When will we have the basic rights afforded to a married couple?

When I introduce Mike to people, I always say, "This is my husband, Mike." Technically, in this state he is my Domestic Partner. Romantic, isn't it?! I hope that gay marriage in the future will no longer be something that is fought over by the states and federal government. While Mike and I just want equality, there are people like Kim Kardashian who are afforded the right to wed and divorce after 72 days. If you are looking to stop the institution of marriage from being made a mockery of, then these shams of marriages need to be stopped. But until this happens, I can't wait to see the next celebrity who is married and divorced in the blink of an eye.

Well, I'd better get back to cleaning my house...I pray to God that no mice come out of my walls!

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