Monday, December 26, 2011

New Name: The Real FAT Housewife of Snohomish County

Okay, let's be honest, we are all friends here...right? Well let me just say...Momma has gained some weight! It's hard NOT to do during the holiday season when there are all these goodies around and delicious meals that you share with family and friends! And let us not forget the trip Michael and I made to London and Paris where we ate and drank like it was our job!

For Christmas from my Dad and Step mom I told you that they gave me the pasta roller and cutter set for my Kitchen Aid mixer. Okay this has been a gift from heaven! I made spaghetti the other night and last night I made Anne Burrell's Raviolo Al'Uovo(Ricotta-Nestled Egg Yolk). Now I normally don't like a runny egg yolk, so it was a bit of a stretch for me to make and eat this meal. However, this REALLY WORKED! It was a bit of work getting everything put together, but it was such a good meal to eat. So you make the pasta sheets and then dollop a mixture of ricotta, parmigiano, flat leaf parsley and egg; then you make a little "nest" in the middle of it and separate an egg yolk from the white and put the yolk in this "nest." Then you cover all these with the other sheet of pasta to make your round ravioli! Boil them and then you sautee them in a butter/chicken stock and sage sauce. Sounds like a lot of work, right? Well it's worth it! The yolk isn't fully cooked so when you cut into the ravioli it runs out and you sop it up with the pasta and ricotta mixture. DELICIOUS.

Okay, see why I've gained weight??? So here's what I've decided to do. Anytime that I feel I need to drop some weight I have a fool proof method...nothing but water for a month. Just kidding! I drink nothing but wine. ;-) Okay, seriously though, I do part of what's called the "Fat Smash Diet." This was designed by the doctor who looked after and formed the plans for the celebrities on "Celebrity Fit Club." I only do the 9 day cleanse at the beginning of what is a 4 or 5 phase program. I started doing this when I lived in Boston and by cutting out all the crap from your diet and eating fresh fruits/veggies and other healthy things..combined with daily exercise I'm usually able to drop anywhere from 7 - 15 pounds. The last time I did this was with my former coworker Dughi Face. We were each other's support system, which meant I was the mean ol' bitch who made sure she didn't cheat! And we did stairs every day during lunch time at work. It was nice because we weren't only getting in the exercise, but we had plenty of time to gossip about our coworkers! HA HA! :) Oh the memories!

So, here's my challenge to anyone out there reading this blog. Do you want to join me on this challenge? I have some rules though, there are some very strict guidelines to this cleanse. You can NOT have things like soda, alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, meat, some dairy and other things. Can you do this? Can you commit to this for NINE days? If you think you can't, then don't do it. The way I look at it is that it's only 9 days, it's not a month, it's not a's 9 days. And let me tell you, you WILL see results. Dughi face wasn't convinced until people at work started noticing how we were both dropping the pounds! Some of our coworkers wanted to try the cleanse but only lasted a few days. It takes commitment! So, who wants to join me?

I'm willing to do this on my own, but would LOVE to have company and have others share their stories on here too! :) Now, let me say WILL get bitchy during this. Your body will be going through a bit of a "detox" in a sense because you are going through caffeine withdrawals and all that other stuff. So there will be headaches, but it does get better. So, who's in? Who wants to join Operation Skinny Bitch??? HUH?! I Can't HEAR YOU! :)

So email me, message me on here or facebook and I can email you the information. Let's do this...lets get Operation Skinny Bitch on the road! I'm looking to start this on Monday, January 9th. I can't wait to see if anyone wants in on this! Let's get SKINNY, BITCHES!

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