Monday, June 18, 2012

STOP THE INSANITY!!!!'s day 15 and I'm ready for this to be done!! LOL. Most people are under the impression that any workout routine gets easier as time goes on. But it's my belief that if it's getting easier, you aren't doing enough and you need to push harder. So I'm here to tell you that Insanity is CRAZY! Oy!!!

Today was the 2nd "Fit Test," which is a work out you do every two weeks throughout the 60 day program. I did the first one two weeks ago on the 1st day of the program, and today was the first progress check. I'm actually quite impressed with my results! These are not easy exercises that he's having you do for this. So here are my results...

So there was only one move that I didn't improve on, but everything else I went up in the number of reps. :) So I think that I can only go up from here! I also was surprised when I stepped on the scale this morning and I was down a total of 6 pounds from two weeks ago. This is healthy weight loss, and doing it while working out and eating FIVE DAMN MEALS a day! LOL

Last night we had two of our friends up for first night of entertaining in the new house! :) So for dinner I made Michael and our two guests Roasted Salmon and Herbs with Grilled Asparagus with Brown Rice.

I on the other hand grilled myself a nice New York Strip Steak with Asparagus and Brown Rice! :) It was a winning meal! Everyone enjoyed the food and the conversation. They even brought their two dogs up and they spent the evening out in the yard with our two boys. Man there was rolling and barking and jumping...but everyone had a great time! :) There's nothing more satisfying for me than making a meal that my friends and family enjoy! :) I hope there are many more memories like that created in this home.

So over the past few days I made a few updates/upgrades to the chicken coop. As the girls enter their 3 week of life I'm preparing for them to go outside in about 3 weeks! So I put gutters on the back side of the coop and garden bed. I needed to do this because when it rains or I water the garden bed it comes out the back, hits the rock retaining wall behind it and soaks the chicken run. Now I have all the water funneled into a bucket that I can use to water the garden or other plants! :) No nutrients from the soil lost! Booya! I also fixed the "trap door" in the bottom of the roost so it makes it easier to open and close to let the chickens out or lock them in. This whole thing has been a major learning process but I have loved EVERY minute of it! :)

Things have progressed nicely around the BP, LLC household! :) And I'm excited for the next couple of weeks as the girls grow and get ready to transition to outside living. Meanwhile, I'll be doing the Insanity workout and trying not to hurt myself! LOL :) Until the next post...have a GREAT week! I'm off to the grocery store, again. :)

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