Sunday, June 23, 2013

In Defense of Miss Paula Deen!

You all ready for some REAL Housewife of Snohomish County REALness? Well you are about to get some, so I'm going to warn you now that these are my views and my views only. I know that some may not agree with me, but's my blog...and you can choose to read or not to read it. With that being said...Miss Paula Deen, I got your back, girl!

We are living in a day and age where this country as a whole is too sensitive to certain things. So sensitive in fact that we are forced to over-react to most things when they come up. Case in point, Paula Deen. A few days ago the media blew up this story about her and her brother, citing a lawsuit from a former employee of one of their restaurants. And since this has come out, I've had many things running through my mind. Most of all, disgust with the media, and The Food Network in particular.

I have a few questions for each and every one of you...First...Have you ever told a joke that made fun of Mexicans, Jews, Muslims, Irish, Polish, women, African-Americans, gays...or any other group? I'll wait while you think about this. Second...Have you ever been around someone who told one of these jokes? Did you laugh at it? Or did you tell them it was highly inappropriate and tell them to never do it again, and then tell them they were out of your life? And third...Have you ever worked in a restaurant, or the food service industry?

Now some of you may wonder why these questions have any relevance to this let me tell you why. We are all human, and at one time or another we've all told a joke at some one's expense. We've all called people names, or made people feel uncomfortable. But not all of us go to extremes. As the days go on more and more information is coming out about this, and I've continued to read it...being a bit more disgusted with each thing. But not with Paula.

The Food Network, while their right, jumped the gun and fired Paula Deen. While I agree that racist comments and actions are not tolerable, I wonder where they were a few years ago when Guy Fieri refused to feature a restaurant on Diner's, Drive-ins and Dives when he thought that the two owners were "life partners." (Click HERE for article) I didn't see them fire him, in fact they gave him more shows on the network. Why was this okay, but what Paula did, not okay? Did Guy Fieri ever apologize for any of this?

Paula admitted that she has in fact used the N-word, and that she is is her brother. I asked earlier if any of you have worked in the food service industry, and I asked that because I have. And restaurants are notorious for "not so good" behavior. I'm not saying this is right, but it is in fact the way most are. I've worked for several restaurants as well as a catering company, and you see and hear all sorts of inappropriate things being said. Now let me be truthful and say that if anything ever offended me I took it up with the person directly. Not once had I ever thought of bringing suit against the person or the company.

Our country is so "sue happy" with everything. It seems like everyone is out for a quick buck. And when I see or hear about cases like this my first thought is, "Someone wants money." I'm no better than the rest of the people who are immediately jumping the gun and looking for Paula to hang for her crimes against humanity. Crimes against humanity...ha! We have politicians in this country who say worse things on a daily basis and then lie to the public's face when confronted with them. How can the American public be so hyper-judgemental with some things, and not so with others?

While it was The Food Network's right to fire her, it just seems that the network was scared of backlash if they didn't do anything. Remember a few years back when they fired Robert Irvine for lying about his background? Guess who's back on the air with several shows! While I wish they hadn't fired Paula, I hope that they go crawling back to her asking her to return to the network. And Miss Paula, if they do, I hope you tell them where they can shove their network.

Hey...Food Network...way to sweep the Guy Fieri indiscretions under the rug, and then hanging Paula out to dry. And why didn't you fire Ina Garten when on several occasions she refused a dying child's Make-a-Wish dream to spend one day cooking with her? Who holds the "Bad Enough Chart" at the network? Before any of you sit and judge Paula Deen for her mistakes, I urge you to take a look at your own life and see if you've ever said anything.

Miss Paula, hold your head up high. You've apologized sincerely, now let your fans speak for you. In her honor...I'm sending y'all love and best dishes, from my kitchen to yours!

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  1. Having African American employees dress in antebellum "slave costumes" for banquets extends beyond a single slip up with the "n" word. Dismissing female employee complaints of your brother/manager watching pornography in an open office during business hours as, "pussy whining" is the very definition of a hostile work environment. I sincerely hope that before you declared your allegiance, you read over the entirety of court transcripts.

    I just found this blog, and I was very excited to find an LGTB voice in the homemaker community. However, I'm disappointed by entry. After numerous entries about the fight for LGTB equality, it is nothing short of ridiculous that their be such a vehement defense of racism and misogyny. The employees that sued did so because a hostile work environment had been actively fostered by their employers. In addition to the racist, sexist behaviors, people were routinely not paid for overtime work.

    As a fellow minority I can speak from experience when I say it's important to truly educate yourself about the struggle that other disenfranchised groups have/had in this country. Not just the overview, but the details. A white southern family REGULARLY using the "n" word in a place of business around their employees is horrifying. I am a heterosexual but if my employer routinely made homophobic slurs, had the gay employees dress in separate clothing, and generally created a hostile work environment I'd be first in line to complain/take legal action.

    Has America become too litigious? Yes. But this wasn't a person who tripped over a sidewalk crack or poured hot takeout coffee into their lap. Don't minimize a struggle that goes back hundreds of years simply because it's not your own.