Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's a Real Housewife Fish Fry!!!!

I did something I never thought I'd be doing...I fried fish. Well it wasn't an all out fish fry as much as it was a "cook a few fish filets." I woke up yesterday morning and got Michael off to work and then went to work looking for a recipe that would suit my first foray into fish making. And with the help of Anne Burrell, I found it!

So I headed to town yesterday morning around 10:30 AM to the Pike Place Market, to buy fish. Now I'm not going to lie, I walked by the fish counter about 10 times before I worked up the nerve to buy my first fish filet. So I made my way to Sur la Table, and bought a few things, using up more of the gift card we got from one of Michael's coworkers when we registered as domestic partners. Then I headed back over to the Market to do the deed.

I walked up and asked for 12 ounces of halibut. Now lets be honest, I can go to the butcher and ask for a 8 ounce New York Strip, but I don't know the lingo that goes along with the fish monger. So the guy yells, "3/4 pound But Filet." I watched as the guy behind the counter pulled out a huge piece of fish from the case and I quickly asked if he could remove the skin. After skinning it, he weighed it and yelled to me..."it's .8, that okay?" I panicked and agreed, not really knowing what I'd just gotten! LOL. He then asked if I needed ice. All I could think was...what the hell would I need ice for? Sheesh, it's WAY easier going to the butcher!

I paid for my fish, which...holy hell it's expensive! Then made my way to the produce stands to buy fennel, onions, thyme, lemons and chard. I couldn't believe how cheap the veggies were at the Market. I wish I lived closer, but again I'm happy that I don't. I was lucky enough to avoid the big crowds that usually clog the Market. So I will stick with QFC up here in Mukilteo.

Before I go any further, here are the recipes that I used yesterday. Potato Encrusted Halibut and Braised Onions, Fennel and Swiss Chard. 

After getting home I made the perfumed oil needed for the recipe. And then whipped out my mandolin to slice the potatoes paper thin. Of course the mandolin I had was all messed up! It was cheap, so the blades began to wrinkle. So I had to run to Kohl's to buy a new one. I could have done this with a knife, but it's so hard to get them paper thin. So I made it back and got to work. I'm not going to lie, Anne makes this whole thing look super easy, and it's really a bit a of a challenge the first go around.

Oh, and I forgot to say that Mike had no idea that I was going to make fish for dinner. A few nights ago I got a bit of a lecture (even though he denies that it was a lecture) on how I will have to change my eating habits, especially since heart disease runs in my family. Knowing that I am NOT a fan of seafood, I bought fish oil capsules at Costco and have been taking 2 a day since. But I figured, fine, I'll give fish a try. So I went into this meal knowing I was going to eat fish or nothing at all. I wasn't going to prepare a second meal for myself in case I didn't like the fish. I was jumping into the deep end.

So I got the fish all ready and when Mike got home I had just finished making the braised veggies and just needed to fry the fish. So I heated up the perfumed oil and got the fish going. Now the recipe called for the fish to be fried for 3 to 4 minutes on each side. Again, I know how long to cook a steak on the grill, but when it comes to fish I'm completely lost. So I fried them for about 3 minutes and 15 seconds on each side. Plated the veggies and the fish and dinner was served. Apparently I should have cooked them for about 30 more seconds on each side.

I ended up eating about 1/2 of my fish, maybe a little bit less. Then it happened, I hit "the wall." I couldn't eat any more. Everything started to taste like fish. So I had to stop eating. Mike cleaned his plate, but thought there could have been more starch on the plate. So I'll remember that for next time.

All in all, I have to say that my first foray into fish cooking wasn't too terribly bad. The house didn't stink like fish, and it wasn't horrible to eat. As my friend Jaime said to me via text last night, "Remember halibut is the white wine of fish. Every girl learns to drink white wine before moving on to red." She's very right, the taste wasn't that bad, and I look forward to cooking it more so I can begin to make meals that I don't only enjoy, but Michael enjoys as well.

Lord help me...I'm starting to eat fish.

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  1. halibut is one of my absolute favorites. I made this same recipe using cod..but I can imagine halibut is much better! plus, fish is healthy!! :)