Saturday, January 7, 2012

On the road again....

Well, in the air at least. It's now 4:29 AM and I'm sitting at Sea-Tac waiting for my 6 AM flight to Vegas. And then we get to pick up our rental car and drive the 2 1/2 to 3 hours to Parker. Woo hoo. It's not fun traveling on little to no sleep. I honestly don't think I've slept through a night in over 2 years. It's funny how getting older does that to a person.

The last week has been hectic, to say the least. My friend Lehua flew in from Michigan on Wednesday for a few days for conferences. It was so nice to get to see her! I haven't seen her in over a year and a half when I was on Oahu for my 30th birthday! So a little Honolulu holo holo is always fun! :) She and her boyfriend, Ryan, spent the day with us on Thursday and I made chicken pot pies for a mid-afternoon lunch! I tell you what, that is such a yummy recipe and it's the third time I've made them!

Cooper and Puck were in HEAVEN! They were showered with attention...Cooper sat by...or should I say ON...Ryan and was just loving all the petting and scratching. And Puck just snuggled up with Lehua and buried his face and fell asleep. Oh, I love that we have a super active dog and then a cat. Seriously, Puck is a cat. That dog sleeps all day and would rather be snuggling with you then running around. Oh well, I guess he suits my lifestyle more so than Cooper does.

We dropped them off at The Dog Spot yesterday after lunch time. As soon as we pulled up Cooper was barking! He NEVER barks! He was so excited to get out of the kennel and into The Dog Spot. He barked until the owner came out and opened the gate and then we unhooked his leash and he was gone! He didn't even stick around to say goodbye to us. Puck didn't know what to do, I think he wanted to find a nice corner to take a nap. But one of the other girls grabbed him and brought him out so he could say goodbye to us. Cooper was already in the back playing with the other dogs. It makes us feel so much better leaving them there when they are super excited to be there. I know The Dog Spot gives them so much love and attention, so it's worth the money. Plus they were super cool with these last minute boarding plans.

Last night we ventured into town for dinner with Lehua and some of her friends. Traffic was horrible, as per usual. But alas, we made it to downtown and picked up Lehua and her friend and headed back north to a Thai place in Wallingford. Honestly, the food at that place was not worth all the hassle of getting down there. BUT it was worth it to see Lehua again! I've missed her so much. She used to be my neighbor when I first moved to Honolulu! She'd always peek her head into my kitchen window to see what I was cooking. :) I miss those days. We managed to get a couple pictures of us before we headed back north.

Me and my Lehua. Love you girl!!! :)
The only other thing worth noting about yesterday was something hilarious that happened at dinner. I was sitting there eating when I got a text from some number that wasn't in my phone. So the following conversation played out via text.

Random: Heyy
Me: Howdy
Random: Hey who is this?
Me: I was going to ask you the same thing
Random: Oh this is Ariya. I found your number in on the side of the street. So who r u?
Me: Not a hooker if thats what ur looking for
Random: Noo i wasn't thinking that I am a 13 year old girl & only likes guys. But who is this though?
Me: A 31 yr old guy who also only likes guys. Where was my number at?
Random: It blew all the way to the walmart by my house. So ur gay??
Me: What was my number on?
Random: A crumble up piece of paper.
Me: Wow...this is perplexing
Random: What does that mean??
Me: Nothing to worry about. Suffice to say you can throw my number away.
Random: Okayy then bye.
Me: One more question...well two more...what else was on the paper? And what Walmart?
Random: Nothing & in Federal Way.
Me: I live over an hour north of there...thats strange....
Random: Well it may have blew that far lol.

Okay. So let's break this down. My phone number was on some random ass piece of crumpled up papers outside the Walmart in Federal Way. And some random 13 year old girl picks up the paper, sees just a phone number on it and TEXTS IT! What on earth! I have so many questions in my head right now. Mainly, why doesn't she know what perplexing means? Anyways, this provided for some laughs at dinner last night. But who knows, out of this I might have a new pen pal! Ariya, if you're reading're one fly chick! And yes...I'm gay! :)

Anyways, well we have some more time to kill before our plane leaves. I'm hoping it's not a full flight, and that there aren't 300 babies on the flight either. If there are...well...I'll just crank my ipod. :) Oh the other thing...I won't be starting my cleanse on Monday since we'll be traveling. I'm going to start it on Wednesday. WooooooooWalmart...drop me a text! :)

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  1. I love you so much!! and, you WOULD be the one whose number would end up on a random piece of paper that ends up by walmart... ;) hehehe I'm kidding. seeing you makes me think of home! i'm missing you and the islands like crazy! thank you & M so much for making time to hang out! xoxo