Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Officially Over!!!!

The 9 Day Cleanse is OVER!!!! I can not tell you how happy I am that it is over. I've missed breads, meats and all things good! :) But I have to say that it was a success! Over the last 9 days I dropped 9.5 lbs! :) I have a few more to go so I am starting the nutrition plan from the Insanity Program and will attempt to keep my caloric intake down...attempt that is.

Over the last 9 days I went through some ups and downs with this entire cleanse! The first three days I was hungry as a horse! But after that I found that my hunger pangs were less and less and I was able to go about my day without thinking about food. Now don't get me wrong, every time I smelled fried food I was ready to end my cleanse! Ha! :)

On Wednesday I woke up early, since Michael had to go in for a meeting, and I went to QFC to get the produce and jars to make Jalapeno Jelly for one of my friends. I forgot how much I enjoy making jams and jellies! It's a bit of work, but I find that in the end it is very worth while! :) I made a double recipe, so I still have 6 jars that are unclaimed. I swear that if there was so much red tape and hoops to jump through in order to produce the jam to sell, I would market the jam and sell it on the Internet!

So we have a busy weekend coming up, followed by a few days of fun and relaxation! On Tuesday afternoon we rented a Uhaul pickup and loaded/hauled/dumped a ton (literally 2,000 lbs) of sod from our backyard! We are almost finished with turning the south side of our yard into a garden spot. Tomorrow they are coming to deliver the garden mulch to fill in the spot, and the transformation will be almost complete. We still need to put a fence along the east side of the garden area to separate it from the yard. But that will come in time.

On Monday morning we are dropping the boys off at The Dog Spot for their sleepovers :). Michael and I are heading to Vancouver, BC for two nights! :) We haven't been there since last year, and we had fun strolling the streets of Vancouver. We even had a bit of a interesting night while we were there. When I had been there with friends a few years earlier we went to this club that I really enjoyed. So Michael and I got dressed up and headed out to the club. Well we walked around for 35 minutes only to find out that it had closed and is now a hole in the ground! HA! So we decided to head to a club that was close to the spot of the old one. Holy heck! We felt like the oldest people there! I was so out of place and uncomfortable, although the go-go dancer made the whole night a bit easier to stomach ;-). The highlight of the night was watching these two younger gays making out like mad men! Now Michael and I couldn't help but laugh because we have ALL been there before! HA HA HA. All we could think was, "Wow! Their faces are going to be sore tomorrow!"

Well on this trip we are going to head to the Vancouver Aquarium again! I really enjoyed it the last time we were there! They had a beluga tank, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE belugas! Although I was scared because I was worried they were going to mistake me for an escaped beluga and push me back into the tank! Which is also another reason I just did this cleanse, to drop a few pounds and look more like a human. But I digress. So we are going to do the Beluga Experience! I can't wait, we get to interact with the belugas. For my birthday, the year before I left Boston, I did the Beluga Experience at the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut.

So I'm super excited to interact with the belugas again! And I will definitely post pictures of our adventures! :)

Well I suppose I should get my day going, we don't really have any plans, besides dancing tonight, but I'm sure we'll find something to do! Yesterday we went to Whidbey Island for a few hours to visit one of Michael's coworkers who has a beautiful garden and chickens! :)

Hope you all have a good day and weekend! Oh, and I know that I said I was going to start the Insanity Workout Program already, but I've decided to wait until June. We have a busy month ahead full of travel and I want to be able to fully dedicate myself to this program without taking any breaks! So, look for my posts starting in June about the workout program!!! :)

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  1. my first reaction when I saw the title of this post was: "OMG! WHAT's over???" then i read the first sentence and was relieved. whew! LOL.