Friday, March 29, 2013

Chicks are coming...

Now if I were a different sort of man, "Chicks are coming" might have a different meaning. But as you all know by now, when I say means baby chickens! Now that we've cleared that up, can I just take a minute to jump up and down because I'm going to have three little fluff balls to take care of again?!?!


The sight of the brooder box in my garage is enough to make my heart jump with joy! Maybe it's because my biological clock is ticking. And before you look at me cross eyed...yes men have them too! And since we don't have $30 - $50K just lying around to adopt...this is as close to babies as this housewife is going to get! And honestly, right now, I'll take it!

I feel a little more at ease this time around now that I have a clue as to what to expect when it comes to raising chickens. But let me tell you, the first few weeks of a chick's life can be a little dicey if you don't keep the temps right and their temporary home clean. But even despite these things I can't wait to hear their little peeps when I walk into the garage.

I posted on my Facebook Page that I was going to get the chicks on Wednesday, but I decided to wait for the newest crop that is suppose to arrive today. Oh, so maybe this is the time to mention that these chicks aren't for me! I keep forgetting that little detail, maybe conveniently! One of Michael's coworkers lives on Whidbey Island and she has revamped her chicken area and asked if I'd be willing to raise some chicks for her...since I have more "at home" time than the normal person. And CLEARLY I jumped at the chance! I'd have been crazy not to take this. Plus in a way, its going to give me the "fix" I need to keep me going for a while longer.

So I am going to warn you all that the next few weeks, my posts may be consumed with chicken updates. But who doesn't love baby chicks! Come on!!! The way they come into your life as little fluff balls, then turn into dinosaur looking creatures...and finally into fat bottomed ladies who love nothing more than to forage in the yard, squawk at the tops of their lungs, and pop out eggs! Let's take a quick walk through my girls growing up!

I have to be honest, during my time away from blogging I took hundreds of pictures documenting the changes that my girls were making as they grew! And I am sad that I didn't blog then and post pictures. But I'm getting a 2nd chance for all this. So I am excited to share with you the life of a chicken!! Sadly, I will only be raising these girls until the end of April, when they'll be moving to Whidbey Island...but maybe I'll do a blog about their new home and how emotional I was when I had to give them up! I can see it now, Michael will have to drag me away from their place screaming and's going to be a scene. I already know that it's going to get ugly!
Well I suppose, its time to get this day going. But expect chicken posts to start coming, and I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I'm going to! Until next time...Keep cooking!


  1. I'm so excited!!! I wish wish wish I could have chickens that wouldn't roast to death here in Vegas. I have "chicken fever" so I can't wait to see the chicks grow up!

  2. You are allowed your baby chickies, but please do not condone the purchase of baby chicks or bunnies for easter!!!! Hehe. You are a great mama bear, and therefore will be a great chickie momma.

    p.s. Do I get my own blog post when this chick comes to the farm? xoxo

  3. Do you know of anyone in Snohomish County selling Olive Eggers or Lavender Orpingtons?

    1. Sadly I don't know of any! But I want to at some point hatch lavender orpingtons from a place I found. Email me if you want me to send you the information.