Sunday, March 31, 2013

Springtime at BP Farms Bed & Breakfast

I am a bit hesitant to make this comment for fear of jinxing everything...but...I think it's Spring! There, I said let me go look out the window to see if the clouds are rolling in to bring us a snow storm! ;-)

I absolutely adore springtime. One of my favorite parts of Spring in the Pacific Northwest is the way the sunlight comes pouring in our patio door. And the way it floods my kitchen with soft morning light.

Here at BP Farms Bed & Breakfast I've started seeing all the changes! Our magnolia tree is slowly starting to open up it's blossoms. And hopefully within the next week it should be in full bloom! The pansies throughout our yard are in full bloom, the daffodils and hyacinth in the front yard are opening up and the grass is greening up. Spring is definitely in the air and I have the "mothering bug."

We've had two recent additions to the farm. I wrote about the first one the other day. I am the proud mother hen of 3 adorable Salmon Faverolle chicks! I can't tell you how exciting it is to have baby chicks again. It makes me think about last June when The Wilson Phillips girls were just fluffy little peepers! I've created a page here that you can check often to see how the chicks are getting along. Chicken Adventure #2. Walking into the garage throughout the day is such a joy! I love hearing their little peeps, walking over to the brooder box to see them chowing down and sometimes lying flat on the floor sleeping! So stinking cute! I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I'm going to. I won't lie, it's going to be hard to give them girls up at the end of April!!

The second addition to the farm is our Mason Bee House! Michael and I have been looking for other hobbies to keep us going around here and we started talking about Mason Bees. So we went to the nursery and got some information, looked at the "houses" they sold and found out the pricing of everything. Well we decided right off the bat that I would just make the "house" since I had almost everything that was needed. So I set out to make my version, which as we all know can either be great, or it can be something that you just admire from afar! :)

But I'm pretty impressed with my first attempt at the house. I made a "shell" and made the block with holes removable/replaceable. And I settled on a place in our garden that is near our neighbor's fruit tree.

The "shell" that is attached to the side of our house.
The shell with the block inside it.


Hanging in our garden area!
We aren't really sure what to expect with the bees, but even if the project doesn't really prove successful we aren't out too much money.

When you buy mason bees from some places, the bees in their "cocoons" come in what looks like a film canister. And I drilled a big hole in the bottom of the "shell" to insert that canister in. When the weather warms up to over 50 degrees the bees start to work their way out of their cocoons.

The canister with the cocoons inside.

This morning I went outside to check on the garden and I saw something...our first Mason Bee decided to make it's way out!! So exciting! I looked in the canister and I see that others are slowly chewing their way out of the cocoons, and I expect with in the next day or two they'll all be out and about!

Peeking out!

I am so happy that the sun is shining and that everything around me seems to be growing! It makes the days even better when it's not cold and rainy outside. And having chicks again is the icing on top of this wonderful cake!

I hope you all check the Chicken Adventure #2 page and take this journey with me!! And don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!! Before I go, I'll share a picture of my "special boy" Cooper!

Have you followed my dad on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?
Have a great day, and Happy Easter (to those who celebrate it)! Until next time. Keep Cooking!!

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