Sunday, June 16, 2013

How deep and widespread are your roots?

After spending a great deal of time in the garden today I got to thinking about a few things. I was pulling up our crop of onions and I pulled up one in particular that had a pretty extensive root system. It made me think about the roots that I've put down in my own life, and I wonder how deep and extensive mine really are.

I spent the first 28 years of my life running from town to town, state to state, ocean to ocean. After all this bouncing around, begrudgingly, I settled down in Seattle. As I've said before, I moved here to be closer to my sister and her family in 2008...and this is something that I don't regret a second of! But that being said, I won't lie, ever since I landed in the Pacific Northwest I couldn't wait to get out. While yes, this area of the country is beautiful, and the weather is pretty mild compared to other areas I've never felt like a place that I wanted to put down roots.

All that changed in October of 2010, when I met Michael. Michael knows that my heart is in Hawaii...but he also knows that because of our life together...I've become quite content here in Edmonds. For the first time in my life I actually feel like I'm putting down roots. I can picture my children...and grandchildren running across these hardwood floors. I can hear doors slamming upstairs (maybe some of that is from me!) and stomping up and down the stairs. Even as I write this, I'm looking out into our backyard and I see our two patio chairs sitting on the lawn.

This is what home is to me...this is what putting down roots feels like to me. Like that little onion that spread its roots out far and wide from its one little spot...I feel as if I'm starting to do that here. The connections I've made in my life all across the country have shaped me into the person that I am. And I feel that right now I'm like that little onion, and finally my roots are extending from here. I no longer feel like every few years I'm being uprooted and moved...which makes you not ever fully extend your roots.

I was thinking the other day about my childhood, and how lucky I was to grow up in a small town and within minutes of all of my grandparents and a whole slough of my aunts, uncles and cousins! As we've all grown up, everyone seems to have spread across the country, and its hard to stay in contact. But that's the great thing about a root system, no matter how far they spread out...they are always connected. Boy let me tell you, right now I feel like I'm the biggest cheese ball spewing out this analogy. Maybe I should have had a few more glasses of wine and I could tell you some of the latest gossip and goings on of this neighborhood! :)

But in all seriousness I look at some of the people in my life and realize that they are far from being at a point where they want to settle down, and spread their roots from a single place. What is it that brings out this desire in people? If I hadn't met Michael, would I already be back in Hawaii? Or would I have settled into a life here in Seattle on my own, and spread my roots that way? I know we can't live our lives fueled on "what ifs" and "maybe if I hads." But you have to admit, its sometimes interesting to think about where you'd be had you chosen a slightly different path.

Michael said to me a while back that he could see us moving out of town a ways, and having some land where I could have as many chickens as I wanted...and of course he could have a garden as big as he wanted. A year ago I would have said..."YES!!! Bring it ON!!!" But I actually said to him..."Oh no! My blood, sweat and tears are in this yard...LITERALLY!" And while I was just trying to be flippant about the entire all honesty I've started to put down my roots in this home...and I will do anything I can to keep them from being disturbed. I love our life...granted I wish I could have more than 3 chickens. ;-)

I'm so blessed to have found someone that is willing to share their life with me. And I'm even more blessed that we have the life that we do. Tonight while we were talking he mentioned that he's always thinking of things that we can do together...and how he enjoys doing yard work with me. I never in a million years thought that doing yard work would constitute as spending quality time with someone you love. But at this point in my does. And you want to know something even crazier? I like it. :) Gone are the days of spending all night out at the clubs. Here to stay are the lazy days, and cozy nights curled up on the couch with my husband and our dogs watching trashy TV.

Like that little onion in my garden...I'm trying my hardest to push out my roots. And every day they extend a little further. How deep and widespread are your roots?

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  1. Love this posting Brian. Having grown up moving lots and with no family roots, raising my boys with no extended family, I am passionate about making my house the family home where we can all meet, have big noisy dinners, laugh and love. My roots are in this house I love so much and the family I have here in Seattle - those little boys I take care of, the dog who has become my friend and companion. Glad to know you Brian!!