Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bar Keeper's Friend, dancing, pear butter and carpet cleaning...

I'm sure you are like, what the hell is that list of words??? Well, dear readers, that is what the last few days have been filled with! We've been staying pretty busy. Mike was on backup but luckily didn't get called in so we've had some good QT the past few days!

The other night I made my yummy yummy pea-lafels for dinner! Yumm-o! And as you all know, I thought I already ruined one of my new pans!!! I was beside myself thinking...."My husband buys me something new and then I ruin it the first day I have it! What the HELL!!!" But the next day I went to the store and bought a scrubbie and some of the powdered Bar Keeper's Friend and my pan was back to GORGEOUS!

Let me tell you, I was jumping for joy! It made me feel a million times better knowing that I didn't ruin the damn pan on the first day! ha ha's really the little things in life that keep me going!

On Thursday afternoon we had the carpets cleaned. After buying the new vacuum cleaner and seeing how much crud we got up, Mike said that now he knows why my asthma is so bad some days. So I booked a carpet cleaning, it didn't take very long and the carpets look great. Well that night while Mike and I were up in the office with the fans going and I heard what sounded like water being poured onto concrete. So I fly down the stairs to see Cooper FLEEING to his bed! The damn dog peed on the freshly cleaned carpets! Seriously, they hadn't even been clean for 6 hours! So I grabbed him by the scruff and took him outside, and of COURSE he didn't have to pee anymore since he emptied his bladder in the dining room! I was furious!

Well we cleaned it up, and Cooper had quiet reflective time in his kennel for the rest of the evening. And of course he was mad because Puck was getting attention, but hey...that's what the bonehead gets for peeing on the floor!

Mike and I stopped at The Healing Center yesterday because my boss wanted to give him a tour. It was nice for him to see where I go during the week and understand what The Healing Center is all about. I can't say enough how great of a place it is! Actually tonight is a potluck and I'm making a dish my grandmother used to make that I LOVE! Tater-tot hot dish! YUMMY!! :)

Last night I went out country dancing with Mike and my girls! I always have fun on Friday nights there, and dancing is just something that makes me smile! I was able to do a few of my favorite line dances...that's right bitches, laugh it up! ;-) But yea!

Today has been a bit of a lazy day, Mike has to go to work at around 2:30 so I'm going to make Pea-lafels again for lunch and have left overs for him to take to work! :) I've also got more pear butter simmering away on the stove top right now! Life is good!

Oh, my dear friend Dughi face sent me this picture and said she could totally see Puck saying this to me...

I absolutely love it!

On that note, I need to get lunch started, and get ready for tonight! So again...check out and look at the NovemberFest information! I encourage all of you to join me there, tickets are 50 dollars each and a percentage of that is tax deductible, or if you can't join, send in a donation!!

Happy Saturday!!!

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