Sunday, October 2, 2011

Old, new, borrowed and blue...

Well the last few days have been busy and somewhat hectic. But as we all know by now, that's how my life normally is.

Friday night I went out and danced my little heart out,
it was so nice to be out and just let my hair down. I then decided to see what my friend Lady B was doing, and we always find the debauchery when we get together. We ended up (against my will) at Purr, where she paid 18 dollars for our two drinks and we went to find a place to drink them. Well this guy, who kinda looked like a gopher, walked up to her like he knew her, grabbed her face as if to kiss her and then he proceeded to SUCK and BITE her cheek. Now at this point we were both in a bit of shock and she was looking at me and saying, "Owww! Brian! Help!" I had to literally put my hand in between her cheek and this guys parasite like mouth and pop him off of her! After saying a few words to this guy, Lady B took my drink and told the bartender she wanted her money back because we were leaving since this guy just attacked her face!

So we left Purr, MUCH to my delight, and headed to some dirty place called Unicorn. I had a beer then made my way down to get a much loved New York con Jalapenos! Mmmmmmmmm, I love me a hot dog after I've gotten on my drunk! Holla! Then I made my way back up to Canada and promptly passed out. What a good night!

Yesterday I woke up around 7 AM and took the boys for an hour long walk and came home to wait for Mike to get up. He worked the night shift the night before so I was nice and let him sleep in. And as we know, it's not easy for me to be nice to people! :) But we had to make our way to West Seattle yesterday for my friend Quinn's wedding rehearsal dinner. We boarded this boat...

And we made our way from the Duwamish River to Blake Island. What a great afternoon! We met some great people and shared many drinks and even better ribs and salmon and side dishes. I felt so lucky to be welcomed into Quinn's family and friend circle and everyone there was just amazing to be around! We were out on Blake Island until 6:30 PM or so and then we boarded the vessel and headed back to the marina. I couldn't help but snap a few pictures as we cruised across the Sound.

All in all, it was a great Saturday. We got home last night around 8 PM and watched a little bit of TV but I crawled into bed before 10, I was beat! Today is the wedding so we'll be making our way to town here in a bit. I can't wait to see how beautiful Quinn will look in her dress. She deserves this day so much, and it's nice to see that she has so many people that love her!

Tomorrow it's back to the grind. Mike works at 7 AM and I'll go into work around 9:30ish. For dinner tomorrow I'm going to make stuffed and braised cabbage rolls and butternut squash soup. This cooler weather has really put me in the mood to make yummy soups and comfort food!

This weekend has been great,  old friends, new friends, blue skies and well I have to borrow Mike's tie to wear tomorrow. I'm ready for the wedding!!!

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  1. Brian, you are adorable! Also, what a way you have with words. Thanks for your help with the face rapist. <3 Can't wait to see you soon!!