Friday, September 30, 2011

Just when we think we are alone...

We make eye contact with a guy in the car next to us right after he finished his amazing drum solo to whatever song he was listening to. To me, there is nothing better in the world
then the look of utter shame and embarrassment that someone gets on their face when they realize they've been busted doing whatever it is they were doing. No one is immune from this little incident. We've all be busted before, whether it be in our car on the way to town, or walking down the street listening to our ipod and forgetting we aren't in our living room so we shouldn't sing at the top of our lungs.

Personally, I've had two embarrassing things happen and they both took place in the bathroom at my former job. Let me walk you through this. Long, long ago, in a time where The REAL Housewife of Snohomish County was not even in the picture, I worked for a company in Pioneer Square. We had bathrooms that we shared with the fellow floor mate, but for many months the space next to us was unoccupied. Well, this bathroom was long and narrow, which come on...SCREAMS RUNWAY!!!! So I did as any self respecting Queen would do in that situation; I did my best Naomi Campbell walk from the far end to the end with the mirror right over the sinks. I had just hit my mark at the end of the runway, turned left and turned right to give a FIERCE look over my left shoulder at the mirror when...the bathroom door opened and it was some guy from the other office. Now...there is no recovering from this fierce of a pose. So...again...I did what any self respecting Queen would do; I patted my weave a few times, pursed my lips and walked the shit out of that shame!

Why is it that we forget that when we are in a bathroom or in our cars that we think we are in our own little world and can do whatever we want? We are lulled into this false sense of security and then it all comes crashing down on us when we realize we aren't alone. But does this stop us? NO! I got busted again in the bathroom at work! This time was right in the middle of a sailor step followed by a kick-ball change (a move from a new line dance I'd learned) when someone from the other office walked in. And again, I heel-toed right out of that bathroom. After those two incidents I tended to keep my performances a little further back away from the front door, but that hasn't stopped me from hitting the high note on Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All," while driving down I-5.

Well now that I've gotten that off my chest, it's almost time for me to head into work. I had a nice day yesterday, spent most of the day with Mike and the boys, made roasted potato and leek soup for lunch and then went over to my sister's to spend some time with my folks and grandma because they are leaving today. I'm excited, tonight I'm going to live up to my Native American name "Dances with Lesbians." I will be heading out to country dance with my girls and can't wait! It's such a great way for me to get out of the house and be around people that I love and love dancing with!

Well I hope you've enjoyed my walk through embarrassments! And I encourage you to remember...we are NEVER alone! :)

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