Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One HELLUVA Mad Housewife!

That's right, I said it! I'm one helluva Mad Housewife...lover! I admit it! Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE Mad Housewife wine! Cabernet Sauvignon to be exact!

(I do not own this picture, it is property of Mad Housewife Cellars)

I stumbled upon this magnificent wine a few years ago while I was looking for a cheaper red wine to make a reduction sauce for my steak. And Mad Housewife was on sale that week so I bought it, and well...the rest is history!

I am by no means a wine connoisseur, however, I know what tastes good to me. Granted, this wine is an acquired taste...or so I say...but nonetheless I love it! It is my go to wine. And we always have at a minimum three bottles of it in the house.

We had a troubling experience a few months ago where we had our local QFC up here in Canada ( ;-) ) order us a case of the Cabernet-Sauvingon. Well the wine was horrible! It was absolutely UNDRINKABLE! I've never dumped a bottle of wine down the drain before, and sadly, all twelve bottles went down the kitchen sink. After some research, we think that it re-fermented in the bottle and it made it seem almost carbonated and nasty. We missed the 1 week return policy from QFC, so in an act of desperation I e-mailed Rainier Wines here in Seattle (the local distributor) and told them our situation. And to my surprise they wanted to make the situation right. So they asked for information and my address and shipped us out a fresh case of the wine, no cost to us! This case was the Mad Housewife that I had grown to love and enjoy drinking with every meal, and well...who am I kidding...I don't need a meal, I can drink it AS a meal!

This to me is one of the best things that any company can do for it's loyal customers. Granted, I realize that there are people out there who try and cheat the system any chance they get and get any handouts they feel they deserve; but there are also people out there, like me, who are loyal customers and get a bad case of wine or whatever product it may be. And when the company recognizes that and helps them out, it is only to their own benefit! Even after getting a bad case of wine, I have purchased more bottles from the store, and it's the wine that I love!

Mad've gotten this housewife through many long nights and many tough situations. You've helped me through breakups, through bad dates, through first dates and lonely nights where I feel that I'll never find the one I truly love. And you've been there for me even as I entered and made my life as a married housewife. For that I am forever grateful, and you will ALWAYS have a place on my wine rack!

~ your BIGGEST fan!

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