Sunday, September 11, 2011

Life on the open seas

Today has been a pretty lazy day on the ship. Right now we are somewhere off of the outer coast of south eastern Alaska. Our view from our verandah is of the Pacific Ocean, and I am always amazed by its massive expanse.

I didn’t do many activities today, I wanted to go to a few culinary classes, but sleep won out. The ship has been rocking quite a bit, so it’s taken me some time to get used to the constant movement. But alas, I find the food on here yummy, and the Bacardi I ordered even yummier!!!
Tonight is our first formal dinner and I get to wear the new suit we bought for the cruise!
I’m not one for dressing up for formal occasions, but tonight should be fun. I actually really like this suit, and the shirts I bought to go with it. Today we are celebrating our honeymoon…so I’m trying to be nice to my husband all day today!  For those of you who know me…you know it’s not as easy as it sounds :-P.
Tomorrow we arrive in Juneau! I’m excited, mainly because I’ll have cell service and be able to check on the dogs and see how they are doing! I miss them more than I thought I would, but I think that is a good thing. We have planned to do a Rainforest Canopy & Zip-lining expedition tomorrow, so that should be super cool! I hope to get some great pictures from our day! Then we depart tomorrow night for the Hubbard Glacier. The captain said over the intercom today that they’ve seen whales on each of their passages through to Juneau, so this should be good!
Well I need to pour myself a nice, strong Bacardi and Coke and get ready for dinner! 

We had another great dinner! We sat with the couple from the night before, as well as a nice older couple from outside of Houston, TX. It’s always a bit nerve wracking when we sit with new people because you never know how they will react to sitting with two gay men, or even something as simple as if there will be anything to talk about. But of course, we won them over. Mike is great at starting conversations, and well I’m great at making the ladies laugh! We had some great conversations over dinner, shared pictures of our dogs and then retired to our room for a few drinks and bed time. This cruise is turning out to be an enjoyable time, even if 75% of the passengers are over the age of 65! And as of yet, there have been no casualties!


  1. Snazzy suit! Sounds like you had a fun cruise. I think next time you should cruise on over to MN! And it's nice to see that your cooking has improved ;).

  2. That's what I love most on cruises, meeting new people at dinner! My husband is such a people person and by the end of dinner he's best friends with all of them! I take a little longer and have to frequently give him the sign that he's rambling- I touch his knee and he knows he needs to zip it for awhile :)
    Loved your suit! How come you two haven't been on another cruise? I'm addicted to them! You need to do the Caribbean!!

  3. I loved talking to the people...I'm such a chit chatter! We want to go on another cruise...but I keep getting more animals! LOLOL