Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life on the seas....ROUGH! Seriously!

So…today I really found out what life on the open seas is all about. 30+ foot swells! Oh My Friggin’ God! Last night was a bit rough, so I thought. I felt like I was on some never ending roller coaster. I had three Bacardi and cokes and like a good housewife…I passed the hell out.
Apparently Mike even got up and walked around the ship for a few hours and he came back and I hadn’t moved a muscle! :) What can I say…it’s hard being the prettiest girl on the ship! And that is NO lie…at all. You should see this dog pound. (Damn…apparently a few days at sea is making me unusually snarky!)
Today was an “at sea” day. We cruised up the coast of Alaska to Hubbard Glacier. We were lucky enough to go into the bay and were about ½ mile from the actual glacier. Apparently, the last few weeks the weather has been so nasty that they’ve not even allowed the cruise ship to go up into the bay. We had a great view of the glacier, and I got a few pictures of it…with my camera phone. Since my camera is STILL not working. Yea…guess who’s even more pissed off about that. Mike kept asking if I wanted to come outside to see the glacier…and the only thing that would go through my head was, “I have no desire to stand outside and watch you take pictures.” I know…hello snarky pants! But I digress.
Pulling into the bay where Hubbard Glacier is
The end of the glacier..stunning....well...foggy...lol
Leaving the bay for open ocean

Tonight we decided to make reservations at The Pinnacle Grill. Smartest thing we’ve done on this entire cruise! That food was DELICIOUS! We paid a total of 50 dollars and had a three course meal! I had French Onion Soup with Gruyere Cheese on it, an ENORMOUS Bone In Rib Eye, and then a nice fruit plate for dessert. Mike had some seafood…some seafood…and some seafood. I don’t usually pay attention to the sea food because…well, it all smells the same and makes me a little ill ;-).
During dinner we were back out into the open ocean, and the swells started to get bigger. By the time we finished dinner and were back in our room, the swells were almost unbearable. We are about three cabins from the front of the ship, on the 5th deck. The swells were so big that when we’d get to the top of one, it was like coming down a roller coaster where you get a little light headed and your stomach comes up in your throat. Mike actually turned a little green around the gills. So we decided to try and find something to do mid ship. We settled on the “All Broadway” show in the Vista Lounge (at the FRONT of the ship!). I don’t know how those folks played those instruments and sang while the ship was bouncing. But all in all the show was good! And then we decided to go to the Queen’s Lounge (that is typically where I hang out, it was so nice of them to make a lounge for me) and watch the Battle of the Sexes. This proved to be the best thing to do. As it was on the 2nd deck, mid ship, so there was hardly any movement!!! They had three guys and three ladies up on stage and would ask a question like, “Who is a movie star that is a sex symbol in the eyes of a man?” And each person would answer, and they’d see if all the women answered alike, or if the men did…or if everyone was different. There was a lot of laughing that hour! And it was a nice way to take my mind off the motion of the ocean!
Well like most things do…that came to an end and we had to make our way back to our room. I felt like I was drunk as I was stumbling through the hallways! Mike ordered some beef broth and crackers, which is apparently a good help for “high seas” trouble. And then he took a Dramamine and passed out. So we won't be checking out the “New Age Line Dancing” at the Northern Lights Dance Club. I am a bit intrigued by this line dancing and am curious to see who is dancing and what they are dancing, but I guess I’ll just go to sleep. I sure hope Sitka is pretty tomorrow! And I hope the damn ocean settles down!!!

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  1. You are going to think we are crazy but we LOVED the fact that it was an older crowd! We didn't want to have to deal with a bunch of young families with kids...we wanted to relax...and that we did! LOL. And we were at the end of the season, so the winter storms were rolling in! It was a horrific night! LOL but after that one night it wasn't bad!