Thursday, September 8, 2011

Someday Bravo! will find me!!

So here it is...the first of what I hope will be many posts about my day to day life as The REAL Housewife of Snohomish County. I've been thinking about starting this blog for quite some time and I figure it'll be a nice outlet for some of my creativity that is pent up inside me! :)

My hopes for this blog are that it will turn into a page where I can not only keep in contact with more friends, but also make new ones as well as share my recipes and find new ones to try out on my guinea pig...I mean husband! :) So if you have any great recipies I'd LOVE to try them! So until my next post let's cheers to Housewives everywhere...


  1. Decided on this lazy Saturday to throw back, all the way back, to the beginning of your blog!!! I'm going to read it all from the beginning. It might take me awhile :)

  2. Fantastic!!!! :) Can't wait to hear what you think of them!!! :)