Monday, September 12, 2011

Hello Juneau!

Our trip to Juneau was gorgeous!

So we are in port in Juneau, AK, we’ve been docked here since noon. It’s been a bit of a shitty day, if I might say so. Last night after taking my picture in my suit, my digital camera decided to start acting funky.
So today when I used it, I realized that it wouldn’t take a picture without putting lines through everything! Then when we got into port, I realized that while I had cell service…I wasn’t getting any data service, so I couldn’t check on the dogs at The Dog Spot! This didn’t make me very happy. It seemed like everyone else around me (including Mike) had data service and a camera! So needless to say…someone was in a HORRIFIC mood!
Pulling into Juneau's port
We went on our zipline tour, which to be honest I was a bit scared of!  But it turned out to be a VERY fun experience! We went on 7 zip lines, and 2 sky bridges in a matter of 3 hours. It was so exhilarating zipping through the tree tops and over, what they called…no joke, glory holes! These were open pit mines. They call them glory holes because either you fell to your death and went to “Glory,” or you got to the bottom and found gold and the “glory” that went with it. We had some great people in our group! Vicky was this hilarious woman who couldn’t manage to face forward on the zip line! And on one of the rides down she shredded her jacket sleeve because it got caught in the mechanism that rode on the cable! Sharon and Eric (mother and son) were hilarious! Eric kept bantering back and forth with one of our guides, Kaili. The other guide made the comment, “this zip is the shortest and fastest one yet.” To which Kaili said, “Like Eric’s love life.” We all laughed out loud, and Eric was like, “Shit! Even she knows my story!” Eric also asked if we’d seen any whales on this cruise….besides the ones on board our ship! I couldn’t stop laughing because we were thinking the same thing! So the whole thing proved to be a good time! I just wish I’d had my camera! Blah!
View from the place we were ziplining at
We came back to the ship to get ready to go to dinner. Mike showered first, while I sat on the couch and pouted! When it came time for me to shower, I went in to get ready and turned on the shower. I looked down and saw that water was coming up through the drain in the bathroom floor. Par for the F*@%(!g course! So I called housekeeping and they came up and said they’d put in a work order. So we went to dinner, me without a shower. We ended up sitting with a nice couple who was in their late forties/early fifties. And these two girls…who I’m serious were lesbians. They said they were on this cruise with their “boyfriends.” But if you ask me, their boyfriend’s name was B.O.B. (a.k.a. Battery Operated Boyfriend……bohhhhkayyyyy!) So yea, we had a nice dinner; I had steak again…woot! And we shared some great laughs. I told the women that I brought my iron on board with us; and said that I was going to tell security if they tried to stop me, “I’m gay! I NEED this iron!” Which garnered much laughter and even some tears from the older lady! :)
We are in the room now and have ordered room service….LOVE room service! I think we’ll retire early again. I didn’t sleep well last night. I had several bad dreams, one ended with this freaky woman in my dreams walking around my bed and dropping onto the bed! When I woke up Mike asked if I was okay! Apparently I’d been kicking and screaming in my sleep. What a crazy dream! Anyways…I hope that I get some sleep tonight. Tomorrow we are on the ship all day, as we are cruising past Hubbard Glacier. Then it’s on to Sitka! We are going to go on a Sea Otter and Whale watching cruise. We saw several whales today as we were cruising into Juneau. Until my next post…happy sailing!

Lights on the Princess Ship as we were leaving port

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