Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another day...another drink!

Well, another day is coming to an end. And it's been a pretty good day, no complaints from me!

We went for our normal walk this morning and I headed off to work, only to sit in traffic for an hour and fifteen minutes! WOOT!
I accomplished everything my boss needed me to do and made preparations for tonight's dinner. I wanted to make a braised pork shoulder for dinner and called a couple different butchers in Seattle. One said to me...and I quote, "That's too cheap of a cut, we don't sell that here." Seriously? So I called Bill the Butcher in the Laurelhurst neighborhood and they had my Pork Picnic Shoulder, so I made my way over there after work and then off to the store to get the rest of my ingredients.

I was in the kitchen from 3 pm until 7:45 when I put dinner on the table. But let me tell you, it was worth EVERY second! Not only did I braise this pork shoulder, but I made a warm wheat berry and mushroom salad, as well as a double batch of the hot pepper relish from the other night. (Mike enjoyed that so much he said I should sell it...any takers? Also, I have Kiwi Jam if anyone wants to buy some!)

Anne Burrell is the biggest rockstar EVER! I am so in love with her and her show! I have the same cutting board she does, and I searched high and low for my very own "Thank You For Coming Bowl" like she uses. Not an easy task...because you might not know this about me, but I'm a little bit picky and particular. I know, you'd never guess it. But I digress.

I also had some time to monkey around with my new camera today to take a few shots. So without making you wait anymore...

The makings of the hot pepper relish.

Hello my little pork picnic shoulder cutie!

mmmmmm...pork sauna!

My boys, looking all cute and pathetic!

The gorgeous Olympic Mountains from my front window

All in all, a great day! Except for one thing...to all of my readers, apparently all 5 of you, you stink! I had NO comments on this blog today. You all messaged on my facebook, or just read that post and didn't do anything. How rude. Actually, I expected it; no one really likes to comment on these things. So yea, another day done, and tomorrow is going to be busy again.

The life of a housewife is always one full of different things, and the thing that makes mine the best, is that I have three big ol' friggin' bottles of Bacardi waiting for me. Eat your heart out Nene Leakes!

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  1. tried posting via my gmail account...tried posting without...gmail account was REJECTED....

    So I'm now posting anonymously - you need to open your own restaurant martha....Hmd