Thursday, September 15, 2011


Well…what a day! Let’s start with last night. :)  We went to dinner, it was formal night, and I felt so good in my suit! Until I ate, then I felt like the spring heifer! But I digress. After the show we went and watched the evening show, which was some guy singing Elton John songs.
He was quite good, and both Mike and I enjoyed ourselves immensely. We then took in “The Marriage Game” in the Queen’s Lounge. Again this was a great show, there were three married couples, and the one couple had been married for 57 years. I think the most memorable question/answer was when the host asked the husband, Jim, what does your wife do when she wants to let you know she’s **in the mood**? Well he was very sweet and said that there is dinner, and some kissing and some hugging and romancing…more or less it’s an event. Well his wife came back and when the host asked her what she does/says to let her husband know she’s in the mood, without missing a beat she says, “You wanna plan for some whoopee?” The crowd DIED! And she was chugging her champagne! It was such a great show, and they were all such good sports!
Now let’s get back to the matter at hand. I went on a frickin’ float plane! The things I do for love, I tell you what. Now this week with all this rockin’ and rollin’ the ship has been doing, I’ve been sicker than a cat with a ten pound furball! But I had decided that I was going to take a damn float plane out to Neets Bay so my husband could see bears. I’m such a good sport. Well let me tell you, the look on my face in this picture is no lie! I don’t think I breathed more than three times during each of those 25 minute plane rides for fear that I’d tip the plane over! I tried to occupy my mind with other things and not think about the fact that the plane I was sitting in was built in 1961.
Scared for my life!

But those things quickly departed as soon as the plane started flying sideways! Not what I call a good time! But we made it out to Neets Bay and saw a total of 6 black bears. 2 were just chilling up in the trees along the path to the salmon hatchery and the other four were feeding on the salmon that were working their way back upstream. It was so neat to see. The bears were pretty oblivious to us, and went about their business. I think the nastiest thing we saw is one bear grabbed this female chum salmon and bit her in the belly and all her roe went spewing out. It was nasty! But hey, when I’m trying to pack on pounds for my winter hibernation I’m not always the classiest eater! :-P

Our plane...if you can call it that!

Yea...that's the cockpit!

Flying over the channels

Safety instructions my @$$

Black Bear fishing for salmon

Black bear at the base of the dam
So we had to fly back on that damn plane, and once again, I didn’t breathe very much. But we made it. All in all it was a good experience, one that I can check off my list and hopefully never have to do again!
We went to dinner tonight and sat next to a lovely older couple from New Jersey, Evelyn and Mike. We had a wonderful meal and when they were getting up to leave, Evelyn turned to me and said, “This is the BEST dinner and conversation I’ve had in forever!” That makes me feel good. I really enjoyed their conversations as well, listening to their travels and about their lives back home in Jersey and New York City. So it was a great dinner just like all the rest!
We then took in the Singers and Dancers of the Westerdam show. It was a great show, full of great songs and dancing and just all in all a good time. I will miss doing a lot of these things, as our life at home gets pretty boring when it comes to going out, or the lack there of. Oh, and while we were drunk after dinner, we stopped by the duty free shop and I bought three ENORMOUS bottles of Bacardi. Let me tell you, this is going to be one drunk housewife! These things are equivalent to two or two and a half handles of Bacardi! Momma is gonna be happy at home! The best drunk purchase I’ve made in a long time.
Well I’m off to bed. Tomorrow we are at sea all day and arrive in Victoria at around 6 pm. We are currently involved in a race with the Princess ship…hopefully we beat them into port!

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  1. Hi Brian I loved your blog. Did you go to Alaska . Kevin and I went there 10years ago loved it.Looks like you had a great time.