Friday, September 16, 2011

Ocean, Eating, Victoria - Our final day on board

Another day at sea…and another day of walking around the ship and eating! I’ve eaten a lot of food on this trip, which has been nice…but I don’t know

if I’m going to be able to fit into my suit anymore! Hello Heifer!!!
So today was a good day. We slept in, and then we ended up going to a late breakfast, and had lunch at the Pinnacle Grill, one of the best burgers I’ve had in a LONG time! But we had to cut lunch short because we had to go to our disembarkation talk. Again, the cruise director, Jason (wow) was hilarious! And then afterwards we went and picked up my HUGE bottles of Bacardi! Can you say HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!! And then it was time for the “Joel Mason and Friends” show at 2:30! It proved to be a hilarious show!
Wait, stop, rewind…during the meeting, they also brought all the crew out and we all clapped and they sang a song. Some woman sitting next to me asked me, “Do you work on the ship?” Now, let me say this….bitch…I ain’t Indonesian! RUDE! And as Mike and I were sitting down for the show an old lady in front of us turned around and said, “You boys are so good!” To which I had this puzzled look on my face…and she said, “You two are the dancers from the show, right?” To which I said….I WISH! I mean…thank you! :) ha ha ha so funny. I’d rather be confused with a hot dancer as opposed to one of the cabin stewards! Come on! ;-)
So the show was amazing!!!! Full of laughs and good songs and just an all around good time! I wish it wouldn’t have ever ended. But it had to. So we finished the show, took a little nap and were up and ready in time for the ship to dock in Victoria, our last night on the cruise. We took a cab ride, or what I affectionately call a hell ride, to downtown Victoria to get some dinner. We ate at this Scottish Pub, and then walked around for a bit, then took another hell ride back to the ship. Those cab drivers drive like crazy, I was seriously more afraid for my life in those two cabs than I was in that damn float plane! Sheesh!
But here we are, back in the room and I need to finish packing. Wow, this is a chore, and my bag is HEAVY! I bet it weighs over 70 pounds! EEK! I feel bad for the little Indonesian that has to lift this onto a cart tonight! ;-)
I honestly can’t wait to get home. I’ve been missing the boys like crazy. I even have a picture of Cooper next to the bed…LOL…pathetic…I know. But I digress. This has been a good vacation, but I can’t wait to crawl into my own bed.
Missing my boy!

Alright, time to pack then shower and hit the hay! Good night all! See you tomorrow, Seattle!!!

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