Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Work and Worry.

These are two things that consumed my day. For the past week and a half, the Puck man has not been feeling too good. Every time we go for a walk he's lagging behind, when he used to be right by my side tail wagging and ears perked up.
He's been sleeping a lot more than normal and he just isn't himself. I finally was so worried that I made a vet appointment for him today, and felt extremely lucky that they were able to squeeze him in this morning with such short notice.

We haven't even had Puck for two months, but already he's become such a fixture in our lives. Mike and I always talk about how we don't even remember our life together without the boys. It seems like ever since I've lived here in Mukilteo, we've had our dogs, but in all reality we've only had them for such a short time. My sister, Alyssa, keeps telling me I've become one of those "Crazy Dog People" all because I dressed my dog up in an apron and chefs hat. But come on, he loves it! :)

So I took Puck into the vet today and Dr. Trish drew blood, gave him IV fluids and a Vitamin B shot to help his gut. He was such a little trooper. I didn't have time to bring him home afterwards so he came to work with me. The entire time I was worried not only about Puck, but also for Cooper. These two numb skulls haven't been apart for very long since we got Puck. So I was worried that Cooper would be barking his head off all day. Plus this morning Puck was lying on his bed and Cooper was lying next to him licking him like a mother would her pup. It was so cute. Animals know when their kind are sick, and I know that Cooper was just as worried about Puck as I was.

Puck was so good at work, he snuggled on my lap during my staff meeting and lounged around in his little kennel during group tonight. I ended up being at work from around noon until 6:30 tonight. And Puck was a real trooper, but he was super excited to get out of his kennel and stretch his little legs. We feel so fortunate to have gotten two wonderful rescue dogs, and we just hope that Puck will be okay. We are also very lucky to have an amazing vet who is also a friend and we know that she cares about our boys and isn't just taking care of them for the money. She messaged me on facebook tonight to let me know the results of Puck's blood test. She said some things were a little elevated but it could be due to stress and maybe he ate something that isn't agreeing with him. So that's good news at least. So we just need to watch him and hope this all runs it's course.

Work was great today. It was my first day working with a children's group, and I was group host! Or as I kept being called, "Hostess with the mostest!" My boss said he was going to get me a nice frilly apron to wear, and I told him that I'd wear it all the time!  :) Today's group was the Littles, and it's children who are 4 and 5 years old. They are the cutest kids in the world and it's so amazing how their little smiles can just brighten up a room! They were all pretty shy when they first got there today, but by the end of group the were pestering me like they'd known me all their lives! :) I love that I'm able to volunteer for such a great organization. It really makes it worth it when I am able to lend my office managerial skills as well as my love and passion for children to one place and knowing that if I make one child smile that day that it makes everything I do worth it.

Tomorrow I have to take the car in to get serviced before I go to work, then come home and do some laundry and cleaning. Mike is going to a concert with some of his friends so it's me and the boys at home for the night. I wonder what I'll make for dinner and what I'll watch on TV. :) If only The Real Housewives of Atlanta was on! I'm craving me some Nene Leakes!

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