Thursday, March 21, 2013

In an Aloha State of mind...

I don't know if it's been the weather lately or if it's just because I'm missing home. But I've had Hawai'i on my mind a lot lately. As I sit here listening to the wind blow, and the rain hitting the windows...I think back to my mornings in my apartment in Makiki as I would lie there listening to the morning rains coming down through Manoa Valley to make the morning air crisp and clean.

I think back to my brief time in Hawai'i with such fondness and I always smile. I know that I'm originally from Montana...but I honestly consider Hawai'i to be my home. My heart is there, and I feel it calling me. I turned on my iPod today and listened to Na Leo, one of my favorite Hawaiian groups. Listening to their song "I Miss You My Hawai'i" always brings a tear to my eye. I can still remember my thoughts as my flight began it's final descent into Honolulu on July 25, 2006. And I'll never forget the tears rolling down my face on March 4, 2008 as my flight taxied out to the reef runway and brought me to Seattle.

I started thinking about when I first moved to Seattle and how homesick I was. I was so happy to be here, and be closer to my sister and her growing family. But I can honestly say that if my life hadn't turned into the amazing way it has on October 8, 2010...I would honestly be back on the shores of Oahu right now. But life has a funny way of working out, and the road I'm on now makes me smile and I have no regrets. But I took a stroll down memory lane by reading through my old Myspace blogs. Wow, does anyone use Myspace anymore?!? And I found my last entry on May 12, 2008:

  • May 12, 2008
    I miss you...
         Current mood: contemplative
I miss the way you made me feel.
I miss the way you made me smile.
I miss our weekends and all the days in between.

I miss the laughs.
I miss the tears.
I can't stop thinking about all that you taught me.

I look back with fondness and without regret.
I think about how I felt whenever I'd see you in the distance.
I think about how welcoming you were to me.
I wonder if you even know that I'm gone.

Now as I sit here 2500 miles away I wipe the tear that's rolling down my face.
I've found myself thinking about you lately.
Wondering if the path I chose was the right one.
I'll never forget our last glance.

You made me stronger while making me weak.
You made me wiser while allowing me to do foolish things.
You made me smile even when I was hurting.

Yes...I miss you.
I always will.

I remember sitting in my apartment on Capital Hill tears in my eyes as I typed that blog. Its amazing how life has a way of showing you where you need to be. But you also have to be open to it, and not be afraid. I was terrified to leave Boston in 2006, for a place I'd never even visited but dreamed about all my life. And now I look back on my short time with my Honolulu ohana and I'm very thankful and feel very blessed.

Join me in my Aloha State of mind...enjoy Na Leo's "I Miss You My Hawai'i." Aloha 'oe...

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