Saturday, October 22, 2011

Not even two months...

It's hard to believe that it hasn't even been two months since I started this blog and as of this moment, I've had 997 page views! And to be quite honest, that is 997 more page views than I EVER thought I'd have! :) So I thank all of you who take the time to read my sometimes daily ramblings!

So the past few weeks have thrown me some curve balls, and I've found it hard to duck and weave all the punches thrown my way. But like a true housewife, I've managed to keep on going. Operation Doggie Freedom has been going somewhat smooth. Cooper has jumped over the gate a few times, and I'm totally over Cooper following me EVERYWHERE! But I have to be honest, it's been nice not yelling at him every other minute. The thing with Cooper is he has the attention span and memory of a gnat. The damn dog will sit and stay one minute then totally forget what he's suppose to do the next. Quite infuriating to be quite honest. Puck on the other hand, well I think most days he's the bratty teenager who is flipping me off every time I turn around and muttering f$#% you under his nasty smelling doggy breath. Cooper has taken a liking to having free roam of the house, he is in hog heaven.

I however, miss my plants in the living room where I can see them. I know they had to be moved for many reasons. Some of them are poisonous to dogs, and well I don't trust the dogs not to eat them. I think Puck ate some of my jade plant and that is what honestly made him sick a few weeks ago. And honestly, I don't feel like paying another vet bill for the little punk. But that being said, I miss my plants. I've always loved houseplants, it's something that I inherited from my Grandma Edie, that and being a pack rat! But soon enough I'll get over not having them around and life will go back to *normal*, whatever that might be around this house.

Last week Mike and I took a trip down to...**gulp** Ikea. Man I really hate that place, but we needed to get some more plates that matched the ones we already have and I wanted to look for a few things for my kitchen. For a while now I've been looking for a way to display my spices and get them out of the cabinet by the stove since that heats up and cools down, which shortens the shelf life of them. And I finally found it!

These are cute little spice jars that were a dollar a piece, they have screw on lids and reminded me of old time candy jars that you'd see at the drug store! :) And the shelves are the ones meant to set picture frames on, yet they fit these jars PERFECTLY! I was super stoked to get home and put this up. Now let me be honest, washing/rinsing/drying 28 tiny jars is NOT a good time, but I love the way it turned out! :) Thoughts???

Well, I am still in awe with the fact that I've had almost 1,000 page views since I've started this blog. And I hope that the numbers continue to grow! I need to finish my video that I made the other day that follows me through my journey making Boeuf Bourguignon! Until next time...have a stiff drink and keep reading!!!

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