Monday, November 14, 2011

Back to the grind! Elton John sings..."The Bitch Is Back!" Watch out Snohomish County...Momma is rearing to go!

I can not even begin to grasp that just a few days ago I was walking the streets of Paris. The sun was shining, birds flying around, people milling about. Now I'm back in Mukilteo, the skies are grey and it's drizzling, the birds are shivering their little tail feathers off, and people are bundled up like preschoolers in the middle of the winter. It's good to be home.

Yesterday Mike and I went and got the two knuckleheads from The Dog Spot around 10:30 in the morning. They were so excited to see us, and we were just as excited to get them home! :) Cooper slept in the kennel the entire way home, which is VERY unusual for him. They got home and we realized right away, just like a little kid who's played too much, Cooper was over tired and GRUMPY for the rest of the afternoon/evening. While Mike and I were watching TV and if we laughed or talked too loud, Cooper would look at us and then do this growl/groan thing like we were disturbing him. What a diva...I wonder who he gets that from. Puck on the other had was happy to be home and sleeping in his own bed.

I made my braised short ribs for dinner last night...this meal is what I like to refer to as my "Husband Lander." This was the first meal I made for Mike after we started dating, and I knew going into making this meal that this was gonna hook it. And here we are over a year later...guess it worked. :) Who wants the recipe??? We cleared out our DVR last night as well, it was nice to just sit on the couch and relax, since Mike had to go back to work today doing 12 hour shifts.

Today was a busy day for me. I got up with Mike at around 6:15 AM and got the dogs walked/bathroomed/fed. Then I made sure I was presentable and headed out to run errands. I ran to Kohl's, Target, Safeway and Costco. I had to restock the house since I had us down to bare bones before we left! I think I managed to get everything we needed, well except wine...and Mike is picking that up on his way home from work! I've also done three loads of laundry and got all my stuff put away.

The boys are back in their normal grooves of sleeping and wrestling all day...clearly not at the same time. And I feel pretty good, like I didn't suffer from too much jet lag, thankfully. Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment and then I'm going to head into work for a bit. I'm sure tomorrow will be filled me with telling all my stories from our trip...and I can't wait to relive all the memories!!!

Well I should really get moving. I need to get dinner warmed up, we are having left over short ribs since they are even yummier the next day! Mike should be home shortly with the wine. Oh, and I bought the movie Bridesmaids today, I can't wait to watch that! Have a great night!!!

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