Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Walk like a Parisian...

Okay, let me start out by saying that my mood definitely improved! I woke up this morning ready to conquer the world. Well let's rewind a was the LONGEST night ever! My body still isn't adjusted to the time, so I woke up so many times last night making it a LONG night.

After showering, Mike and I made our way up Rue Washington to a little pastry shop and had a quick bite for breakfast. Then it was on our way to hit some sights. We walked up Avenue des Champs Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe, and this time I was able to get some great pictures before we went up to the top.

Can you see me???
 We made our way to the top...what a walk up! I also had a bit of a run in at the top...ugh.
The spiral staircase to the top

The face I make when Mike does something stupid...which is often

This guy was in my way...he is standing in front of the Tour Eiffel
However that being said...I did manage to get a picture with the Tour Eiffel in the background! (I really need to teach Mike how to frame pictures...I have construction equipment going through my head!)

 I couldn't wait to get down and make my way to the Tour Eiffel! We did make a stop in the gift shop and you will NEVER guess what I saw!!!

HUNDREDS of Rubber Band Holders!!!!

 I was TICKED when I saw they were only 6 euros!
So yea...I couldn't believe that I didn't have to look all over France for the perfect rubber band holder. **sigh**

So we made our way up Avenue d'Lena past the Palais de Chaillot. I was starting to get hungry so we stopped at a stand on the side of the road where I got a baguette with ham, butter and cheese. Even though this is such a simple sandwich it was DELICIOUS! And I devoured it like I hadn't eaten in weeks! As much as I've eaten on this trip, I am happy to be walking this much! We made our way across the Seine to the Tour Eiffel...I can't even begin to say how great it is in person! Every angle that you look at it, it's amazing!

As we were walking under it, I clearly made it known that I wanted to go up to the observation deck...and we had no idea that you could go up to the top, so we only made it up the the 1st and 2nd decks...we hope to go back at night and go all the way to the top! :) Now, there are two ways you can get to the top...

PART of the line for the elevator...

ONE guy in line for the stairs...
So guess what this impatient housewife chose! You got it...the stairs! Plus it was cheaper to take the stairs, double win! Now we had to go through some "mock security" thing and I made it through easily. Not Mike. LOL! He walked through, it beeped. He kept removing things, and finally was like..."I have a bottle of Fanta. Here's my passport." The security guard told him no, and made him take out his umbrella and his wallet. And while this was going on the guard said, "I love America. God bless America." Which we both realize was, "Hi, Pretty!" :) HA HA HA.

So we made our way up to the top of the Tour Eiffel. I didn't know if I was going to make it.
HOW many more stairs????
The view from the observation decks were great! It was so nice seeing the entire city! And I even was able to see the Arc de Triomphe! :)

We made our way back down, after enjoying a kiss on the Tour Eiffel (Paris is complete!). And decided to make our way to Notre Dame via way of the Seine. We made our way across the Parc du Champ de Mars, where we snapped a few pictures of ourselves in front of the Tour Eiffel.

It was at this point that the battery in my camera decided to blink because it was going low! So we had to make a detour back across the city to our hotel. We made our way to the Metro and took it back to Courcilles, changed batteries and made our way to Hotel de-Ville on the Metro.

We made our way to Notre Dame. After making a pitstop at a cafe for lunch we headed to Notre Dame. By the way...I was super pumped to eat actual FRENCH fries!

We walked up to Notre Dame and I was so happy to see that unlike Westminster Abbey, we could take pictures inside Notre Dame (without flash). If you've been to Notre Dame you know how indescribable it is inside. The size of this cathedral is astonishing. I finally got Mike to take a somewhat decent picture of me. (love you honey).

As we walked around I loved everything I saw. The history that wraps around this cathedral is amazing. However, I don't feel it was as ornate as Westminster Abbey was. But, none the less...I took some great pictures. I loved the stained glass and the arches and columns. Enjoy!

GLASS confessional...REALLY!?!?

It was so great to go inside Notre Dame! Once we made our way outside we decided to make our way back towards the Tour Eiffel to the Musee Rodin. Sadly...we missed it by about 10 minutes! DRATS!!! But outside Notre Dame I managed to snap a few pictures (some I was amazed at what my point and shoot was able to do! Mainly when it came to the gargoyles!).

It was a GREAT day in Paris! We had so much fun, enjoyed some great food and even a few bottles of wine with dinner. Oh, I almost dinner I spilled wine all over Mike's leg when the waiter brought us our food. But the best was when he was trying to tell Mike, in French, how to clean it up! Comical! We got it done though! :) But as I was was a GREAT day in Paris! I can't wait for the next TWO days! :) Here are some funny pictures from today! :)

We got all the rest...but what is the one, top left? No speedos allowed on the Arc de Triomphe???

Girl! You know the line dance Chill Factor????

Would YOU like a rubber band holder???
Even atop the 2nd platform of the Tour Eiffel...I'm texting ;-) Hello Dughi-face!

Hello Father Child Molester! (I know..I'm going to hell for that one)

Rosie the Riveter is here in Paris!!!!
Until the next post, my dear readers....Au Revoir!

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