Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And the Lowes saga continues...

Well, this whole thing with Lowes has definitely been a thorn in my side. After writing my blog I still hadn't heard from them so I sent an email to the Customer Service department and included a link to my blog. I didn't know if they'd read the blog, but I was appreciative of everyone who took the time to read it and comment about their experiences with Lowes as well!

So after sending that email, I received a response email yesterday morning from the Customer Service department. Robin apologized for the mishap with the delivery (which was NOT the only problem) and assured me that someone would be contacting me within 1 business day. So again, I decided it'd be wise NOT to hold my breath for a call. But much to my surprise I saw a "direct hit" on my blog from someone who clicked directly on the link (I think it might be someone from Lowes) and then I received an email from one of the managers of the North Seattle store. He apologized for everything, misspelled a few words in the email. And he asked that I contact him so we could get the issue resolved.

Well, being the *smart* person that I am, I wanted all of our correspondences to be over email, a.k.a. paper trail! So I sent the manager an email detailing everything, yet again, to make sure they realized that it was not just the delivery that was an issue. And I said that there are two options 1) I could return the dishwasher and get my money back; 2) Lowes can send someone out to install this dishwasher free of charge to us, ASAP. I sent the e-mail last night, wondering what they'd respond with.

To my delight, I received an e-mail this morning saying they would be calling me to schedule the installation. He apologized for the experience and that they want to make this right. I also received a call from the Market Director for the area this morning as well. I was in the shower when he called and he wanted to make sure that this issue was being taken care of.

I can honestly say that this entire has soured me against Lowes as a company. I'm happy they are attempting to make this right. But I just wish that they'd realize they need to FIX this problem by training their employees how to provide better customer service the FIRST time around. It shouldn't take phone calls and emails to their corporate offices before they provide their customers with the service they deserve. Sadly, I know that this will not be the case...these things happen on a daily basis and more than likely will not change.

No all I can hope for is that the contractors that Lowes sends out will do a good job, the FIRST time around. If not...let the phone calls and emails start up again. Come on Lowes...the ball is in your court!

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