Monday, October 7, 2013

Mini Vacation...Day 3...Back Home!

Now I did say at the beginning of this series of posts that it was TWO mini vacations. Now I wasn't lying about that at all! Today, we made our way back to the United States...back to our home where we'll be for the next day or so. But have no fear my faithful readers...we will be back on the road shortly!

This morning we slept in...which is around 8 AM in our home. I woke up after several weird of which I KNOW I was talking in my sleep but Michael didn't hear me. Since he didn't hear me...we will never know what I was truly mumbling...hahaha.

After getting up and showering and making ourselves presentable...we made our way onto the streets of Vancouver to get something for breakfast. We ended up settling on a place on Robson Street that sells crepes. I, of course, went for a traditional breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and bread. :) After that we made our way to the other end of Robson to Homewise to buy a cookbook that I saw a few days before while we were there. I had my eye on this Williams Sonoma cookbook that had a recipe for each day of the year. Most of the recipes were one pot wonders, while others were braises and slow cooked meals.

After this purchase was made, we headed back to the hotel to check out and make our way south. I've found that no matter how many times we've crossed into Canada...the trip back is always painful. It seems as if the border patrol agents that let us back into the United States could care less that we are American citizens who pay their wages. They always ask us questions that make me uncomfortable. And it's very evident that the focus is on the fact that we are two younger males in one car and could very well be doing something wrong. Couple this with my "Mexican fears" and I become a nervous wreck at the border. Today I managed to keep my sweating to a minimum...which was hard considering the wait was over an hour and the sun was beating down on us! And when we made it up to the booth...I answered the questions confidently and honestly! **Pats self on back!**

After crossing the border we made our way south to Burlington. We decided to stop and eat at a place called "The Train Wreck Bar & Grill." We'd eaten there once before and found the food to be quite yummy! Today didn't disappoint! After stuffing our faces full of good food...we made our way to Coastal Farm & Ranch in Mount Vernon. I needed to get some of the pellets that I use as bedding in the chicken coop. Over the past year I've found that using these pellets as well as the straw has helped keep the moisture and smell down in my coop! Oh the things you learn along the way! :)

Now I'm going to be 100% honest with you...and this is hard...believe me...but truth be told...I was really making all these stops because I was not wanting to do something. I didn't want to pick up Cooper and Puck. OMG....I'm a horrible parent. I know!!! But seriously...the past couple of days without them has been wonderful. Don't get me wrong...I DO love my dogs...but they drive me crazy. And if it weren't for them not being able to be boarded straight through...we would be in Southern California right now! How many parents say this about their actual human children?!? Or better many parents THINK this about their human children?! :)

Needless to say, we stopped at The Dog Spot and picked up the boys. They were happy to see us...I think...and we made our way home. Once home I realized quickly that a housewife's work is NEVER truly done. I had to start planning what we were going to have for dinner. **sigh** I know...after several days of eating out...a home cooked meal should be WONDERFUL. But...after several days of eating sucks being the one who has to cook! LOL. So I thumbed through my new cookbook, gave Michael a choice of two recipes and he made his decision. After that I headed to the store, purchased my goods, had a quick chat with Jane :)...and then made my way home to make the Beef, Basil & Goat Cheese Lasagna Roll-ups!

I was going to do a post with the recipe for these...but after taking a few pictures I decided that I should really try this recipe before I posted it for you to try! :) But let me tell's a winner! So I will be making this again soon, and will totally be posting it for all of you!!! Here is a picture of the "before going into the oven" and "after coming out of the oven." :)

I can't even begin to tell you how tasty tonight's dinner was! And I'm excited to share it with you in the near future! However...that being said, now is not the time since I didn't take all the pictures necessary to share the actual recipe with you. :( Sorry! But I promise...soon!

The short trip to Vancouver was actually nice. We've learned over the past few years that while Vancouver is a great's one where we quickly ran out of things to do. So these short trips are best. We had a fantastic time in Whistler on the zip lines and the Peak 2 Peak gondola ride, and I actually look forward to possibly doing some summertime hiking in Whistler in the next few years. We had some wonderful meals, and some good laughs along the way! But I'm also looking forward to our next mini vacation that will start on Wednesday morning! Where are we off to?? Well you'll have to tune in on Wednesday night to find out where our next Mini Vacation takes place! Tomorrow I plan to post about my chicken coop! I hope you make your way back here for that post, and I hope that you'll leave me a message about your thoughts!!! :)

Until next time...Keep Cooking!

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