Monday, September 26, 2011

Bad! Bad! Bad, Housewife!

Okay, well that's more directed to the fact that I've not had the time to Blog! Well I've not made the time, to be honest. The last few days have just flown by and I've been busy from sun-up to sun-down.

So after my last post I had some heavy decision making to do. I've decided that I know what is right for me, and what I need to do is just follow my gut. I will not be attending school this fall with Antioch. In the few years that I've been there I've lost faith in the system that Antioch totes as such an amazing thing that makes them stand out as an education institution. That system has failed me. I feel that when you pay $1500 or more for one class and you walk away from it with no real knowledge of the course information, something is wrong. Antioch has been such a sore spot for me this past quarter, that I've dreaded going back on October 3rd. I am standing by my decision that I will not finish my degree with Antioch, however in the future it doesn't mean that I won't finish my degree somewhere else.

Friday and Saturday I had volunteer training, and I was caught off guard on Friday night with some of the exercises that we did. I've been volunteering at a non-profit that does grief work with adults, children and families. I will not lie, it's tough work but it is also very rewarding. I feel like this society is one that adults want to protect children from death and the emotions and feelings that only adults are suppose to feel and experience. However, if children aren't given the opportunity to grieve and work through their emotions it will be detrimental to their lives. I admire the work of the clinical staff at this center and I feel honored to be a part of their work.

I've been volunteering in their office over the past two months as well as volunteering for the four summer day camps for the children. After this training I'll be able to work with the children's groups throughout the school year. This is one of my decisions for leaving school. I want to be able to volunteer my time as much as possible. And right now I feel that my life is so full of amazing things, my husband, dogs, housewifey things, and the volunteer work. I'm very content with my life and I feel that now that I've made this decision that a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Today Mike and I are heading to Sea-Tac to pick up my Grandma Anne and then we are taking her over to my sister's to join my dad and stepmom. This weather however is making me want to crawl into bed and just drift back into dream land. Mike is at work for a meeting and will be picking up the boys on his way back from the meeting. They stayed at The Dog Spot last night since we were going to be over on the peninsula last night at my sister's and then having dinner with Mike's parents. We didn't want the boys to be cooped up in their kennel all day, so we took them to dog camp. They were so excited when we got there yesterday that as soon as we walked in the door and took their leashes off they just ran straight to the back and didn't give a hoot about me anymore! I'm so happy that they love it there, it makes it easier to drop them off. :)

Well, I need to do some laundry this morning before Mike gets home and run some errands. But I make this promise to not let three days go by again without posting. I know that you all depend on this blog as a way to put you to sleep! So, let the snoring begin!

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  1. Good luck with future school decisions...and have fun with Grandma!! hmd