Friday, August 23, 2013

Camp Erin 2013 is FINALLY HERE!

That's right everyone...King County Camp Erin 2013 is finally here! And I truly don't know if I accomplished the million and one things I needed to do before I leave for camp!! How is it that yesterday it was the middle of March...and now it's already the end of August?!?!

I'm really surprised at how fast time truly does fly! I'm sitting here at my desk thinking about the things that I have completed as well as the things that are left undone...I'm also wondering if I've packed everything I was suppose to!! I'm also thinking about how much it's going to suck leaving these little chicks for a few days! I've already talked Michael into taking a new mug shot of each of them tonight and Saturday night and I will share them with you on Sunday with their Sunday shots! :)

Yesterday we spent the greater part of the day out at Camp River Ranch helping with setup. I loved having Michael with me so he could see exactly where I was going to be well as the wagons! Over the course of the day we helped set up each of the teen cabins with the hand made quilts and teddy bears. Every year a group of women get together and make each one of the quilts by hand. No two quilts are the same! Amazing, right?!? And on top of that, the Brown Bear Car Wash donates these amazing stuffed teddy bears for EACH camper. Last year there were about 45 teenagers and just as many kids in the kids camp! It's such a blessing to have people and organizations in this community give of their time and resources to help make this amazing camp possible.

It was also nice for Michael to see what goes into this camp. Not many people realize what it takes to get a 3 day camp off the ground. A year's worth of preparation all comes down to the wire...and everyone is running around in this sort of controlled chaos. It's quite amazing to be honest. I truly feel blessed to be a part of it. And just like last year, I'm a little scared going into this weekend. You never truly know what each camp will bring. And I guess that is the fun thing about it.

I also want to bring up something that has been on my mind the past few days. Last week after the chicks hatched, I was cleaning out the incubator when I noticed the base of my Brinsea Incubator had a crack in it. I realized while cleaning that it had been there probably since I received it. Well I sent a quick e-mail off to Brinsea and a lovely woman by the name of Rose contacted me back. Now in this day and age...many companies lack customer service. So it was a pleasant surprise when Rose not only contacted me back, but apologized for the crack and immediately sent me out a new base, free of charge. I received it in the mail yesterday. This level of customer service always makes me smile, and it will forever make me a Brinsea customer! If you are ever in the market for an incubator, I encourage you to buy a Brinsea product! I have them listed in my Amazon store! Check them out! You will NOT be disappointed!

I won't be around the next couple of days, sadly, so I encourage you all to read through my blog. Catch up on some of the one's you've missed. Or, hell, go back to the beginning and start the journey with me! Even I love to go back every now and again and check out where I was just a few years ago! I keep reflecting on our time in London and Paris! And I'd love for you to check them out! I'll post each of the links here so you can find them! :)

I hope you each have a splendid weekend. Send lots of good energy and good thoughts to Camp Erin and all the people involved in making it happen. We need everything we can get!

And until next time...Keep Cooking!

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