Monday, January 27, 2014

Home in Honolulu...Day 7.

I can literally sum today up in four words. Breakfast, lunch, massage, dinner.

How would you feel if that was my blog post? Ha! As I sit here each night getting ready to type up my post for the day I wonder if any of these posts are even that interesting! I feel like this is exactly how I would write in a journal, and journals aren't always that interesting. So I apologize right now for some of my posts that are extremely dull! :)

So let's get to today's business. The sun tried to peek through the clouds through most of the day while the trade winds blew nicely. We had breakfast this morning and did some it's so nice being in a time share unit that has a washer and dryer in the unit!! When it came time for lunch I looked out the window and saw the storm blowing in. Literally...I could see it pouring out over the ocean and then within a matter of minutes the rain was upon us.

We ended up just ordering salads from Buffalo Wild Wings...real local food...I know. LOL But on the way over there we got soaked! LOL. We came back to the room and watched some TV while snarfing down our food. It was honestly such a nice way to spend a better part of the day...just relaxing without a care in the world.

We did call this morning and booked our final massage. And on the way over there we decided to swap people this time. So I put on my big boy pants and decided to have Dimitri give me a massage. Okay...if you've had a massage before you know they start you out lying on your stomach with your head in that donut thing. Well he got out the massage oil and when he put his hands on my back I swear to God that his hands were the size of tires! While the massage was good...I think it was a little much for me. I spent most of the time thinking...don't cry...don't cry! It wasn't a relaxation massage as much as it was deep tissue. He kept asking if I was doing alright, and I would just whimper..."yup." So pathetic! HA HA HA

While the massage was a bit too much for me, I know that it'll do me some good. I carry a ton of stress in my shoulders and he spent a fair bit of time working on them and my upper back. I am going to pop a few aleve before bed...hopefully that will help! :)

Tonight we made plans with Claudia to have dinner at Grandma Lee's house! Like I said yesterday, it's always so nice to come home and have family to be with. When we got to Grandma's house I walked in and Grandma yelled, "Is that my adopted son?" So good to see them all! Now Grandma wasn't suppose to cook, because Claudia was going to pick up food. But as any grandmother does...she of course had to make some food. One of those being...fried rice! :) The table was loaded with all sorts of good food! Michael got his fill of all things Korean and pickled! He was in heaven. I'm still so full, it's not even funny!

We sat around the table laughing and talking story. It's so wonderful to see that they've opened their hearts and home to Michael just as they did to me almost 8 years ago. Such an amazing family that I feel blessed to be a part of.

The best part of the evening was when Grandma Lee called Zippy's to place an order for malasadas. They are a fried donut ball of sorts rolled in sugar. Some of them are filled with custard, chocolate or haupia. We made Grandma call because Claudia and I were going to go and pick them up. What ensued was Grandma performing her local math and confusing the hell out of the lady at Zippy's! Grandma asked for "4 custard, 4 chocolate, 4 haupia, 4 plain. Double that. I need two dozen." We all listened as she said this...and I immediately started laughing. Everyone at the table started yelling at Grandma that she was wrong. But she kept insisting that "4, 4, 4 and 4. Double that for two dozen." I laughed harder and harder until my sides started to hurt. Finally we got Grandma to realize that she wanted 6 of each kind, and to put three of each into two boxes. She was so confused and the lady at Zippy's had to have been confused!

When Claudia and I got to Zippy's we went to pay and they had only made 1 dozen of the malasadas! So we laughed as they asked if we could wait for a few minutes. When we got home we gave Grandma a good ribbing while telling her that they had to make more! It felt so good to laugh and to make more memories. Of course we couldn't get out of Grandma's house without her sending us with some food.

In these containers are chicken katsu, meat jun, kalbi, fried rice, kim chee, pickled onions, other veggies and some wonderful pork stew thing. We won't need to buy food for the rest of our trip! Gotta love eating at Grandma's house!

It's memories like those from today that fill my heart and soul up on these trips. It's memories like this that truly make me smile when I think of Honolulu as my home. We still have 3 1/2 days left of this vacation, but I already know that I'm not ready to go back to Seattle. I know that at some point we will move back to Hawai'i. I know it won't be for quite a while...but I know it's going to happen. Michael has told me that the smile he sees on my face while I'm here is like no other. I may live in Seattle, but deep heart is here in Honolulu.

Until next time...Keep Cooking.

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  1. Your posts are never dull!!!! I love it, it's like being on vacation with you....sort of since I didn't get a massage or tasty food! I've had some painful massages, I hate a deep tissue massage. Why is it when they ask if we are doing ok do we say yes?! I feel like if I say no I am being rude, but ouch it can hurt!!!